Grammar Quiz

Future Simple Quiz


Simon´s plane ____ (arrive) just before midnight.

A. will arrive

B. is going to arrive

C. arrives

D. is arriving

-What are you doing on Friday night?
– Oh, I _____(probably/ stay) at home with my family.

A. probably stay

B. am probably staying

C. am probably going to stay

D. will probably stay

-Did you ask Jackie to the party?
-Oh no! I forgot! I _____ (ask) her tonight.

A. ask

B. am asking

C. am going to ask

D. will ask

-Look at this boy!
-Oh yes! He _____ (climb) the tree.

A. climbs

B. is climbing

C. will climb

D. is going to climb

I ______ (meet) Janet for lunch at about one today.

A. will meet

B. am meeting

C. meet

D. am going to meet

……….. he go to school tomorrow?

A. won’t be

B. will be

C. he will

D. will

I ______(meet) Bill next week.

A. am meeting

B. will meet

C. am going to meet

D. meet

she ……… very beautiful.

A. will

B. won’t

C. will be

D. won’t do

‘………… will you go to school? ‘
‘ tomorrow! ‘

A. what

B. how

C. when

D. where

Our next lesson ____ (be) on Tuesday.

A. will be

B. is

C. is going to be

I probably ____ (not/be) back in time.

A. am not

B. am not going to be

C. won´t be

…………. ……….. come?

A. they won’t

B. they will

C. will they

D. they will be

he ……….. to school tomorrow.

A. will do

B. will come

C. won’t

D. won’t do

-Have you tidied your room?
– No, but I promise I _____ (do) it this afternoon.

A. do

B. am doing

C. will do

D. am going to do

Don´t worry, I _______ (help) with the washing up.

A. help

B. will help

C. am going to help

D. am helping

What  ________ (do) tomorrow evening?

A. do you do

B. are you doing

C. will you do

D. are you going to do

it will be…………….

A. very happy

B. do homework

C. do exercise

D. doing homework

The weather tomorrow _____ (be) warm and sunny.

A. will be

B. is

C. is going to be

‘…………. class will you have on next Monday?’
‘ Math ‘

A. when

B. what

C. how

D. where

The match _____ (finish) at nine so I will be home by ten.

A. finishes

B. will finish

C. is finishing

D. is going to finish

I ……….. go to school tomorrow because I’m sick.

A. will

B. won’t

C. will be

D. won’t be

what ……………… do after class?

A. will

B. won’t

C. you will

D. will you

-What are your plans for the weekend?
– I _____ (spend) some time with my friends.

A. spend

B. am spending

C. am going to spend

D. will spend

I ______ (have) my eyes tested on Saturday afternoon.

A. have

B. will have

C. am going to have

D. am having

The film _____ (start) in ten minutes.

A. starts

B. is starting

C. will start

D. is going to start


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