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Future Simple Tense Quiz


Yongki and Yoga will not . . . . . in music competition at school next month.

A. Participates

B. Participate

C. Patcipation

D. Participated

My flight ________ at 6.00 pm tomorrow. Here’s my ticket.

A. leaves

B. leave

C. can leave

D. will leave

Will I phone her tonight?

A. Yes, I will.

B. Yes, you will.

C. Yes, we will.

D. Yes, I do.

My website . . . . . the best source for English learners someday.

A. Will be

B. Will

C. Going to be

D. Going to

We ……………to see grandmother this weekend.

A. will going

B. go

C. went

D. will go

Which word is the time expression of Future Simple tense?

A. every day

B. last week

C. soon

D. just now

The children ________ to do well in the examination.

A. going

B. will

C. are going

D. is going

…… it rain soon?

A. Is

B. Has

C. Shall

D. Will

Future tense is

A. Used to something happen in the past

B. Used to something happen in the future

C. Habitual activity

D. Used to tell about event is happening now

I am sure we … pass the exam.

A. Are going to

B. Am going to

C. Will be

D. Will

I don’t think the test … very difficult.

A. is

B. will

C. will be

D. are

…… they study Chinese with Miss Lee next week?

A. Do

B. Did

C. Will

D. Shall

How …….he get here from the train station?

A. is

B. will

C. do

D. shall

Look at the clouds. It … rain soon

A. Will be

B. Will

C. Is going to

D. Am going to

I will go to school with David …………..?

A. yesterday

B. tomorrow

C. 2 days ago

D. now

Your parents . . . . . proud of you if you finish your study at University.

A. Will be

B. Will

C. Going to

D. Is

How long will you …… here?

A. are

B. am

C. is

D. be


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