Future Tense Quiz


John ______________ (visit) his grandma next Sunday.

A. has visited

B. visits

C. is visiting

D. are visiting

Will they like their new stationery?
A. Yes, they won’t.
B. No, they will.
C. No, they won’t.

She _____ visit her grandmother tomorrow.

A. will be

B. shall

C. am going to

D. is going to

My sister_______________ (participate) in a race on Sunday morning.

A. is participating

B. have participating

C. participate

D. are participating

It is _____ rain soon.
A.     going to
B.     will
C.     shall
D.     may

Will you get up early tomorrow morning?
A. Yes, I will.
B. No, I wont.
C. Yes, I will not.

Will Peter go to Canada next year?
A. No, he willn’t go next year.
B. No, he will not go next year.
C. No, he shall not go next year.

Which sentence is correct?
A. Jack will calls me.
B. Jack will call me.
C. Jack will call me yesterday.

All the shops ____ opened tomorrow.

A. will

B. shall

C. are going to

D. will be

What time _____________ you _____________ (go) to the doctor’s on Wednesday?

A. go

B. goes

C. are going

D. is going

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