Grammar Quiz

Future Tense Quiz


It’s cold today. I _____________ wear shorts to school.

A. will

B. willn’t

C. can

D. will not

By 10 o’clock Damia … Korean TV show for four hours.

A. will have been watching

B. will have watched

C. will watch

What ______ you _____ (do) tomorrow evening?

A. is – do

B. are – do

C. am – doing

D. are – doing

____ you study hard, then you will pass the test.

A. If

B. Then

C. Will

D. Won’t

Structure of Future Continuous

A. Will+ verb+ ing

B. will be+ verb+ ing

C. Will+ verb+ simple past

D. Will be+ verb+ simple past

The film _________ at 10:30 pm.

A. will ends

B. will be end

C. will end

D. will be ending

What _______ about one of the planet’s biggest environmental problems?

A. will we do

B. shall we do

C. will we be doing

D. are we going to do

My teacher _____________ to my parents about it.

A. will talking

B. will talked

C. talk

D. will talk

If you are late for class, the teacher ___________ you.

A. will get

B. will turn

C. will do

D. will punish

“Where are you going?”

A. I’m going to get coffee. I’m back in five minutes.

B. I’m going to get coffee. I’ll be back in five minutes.

If it’s raining tomorrow, _________ I won’t go outside.

A. than

B. then

C. when

D. will

They _________ to improve their command of English by all means.

A. will try

B. will turn

C. will show

D. will punish

This summer I ______ travel to Spain with my friends.

A. am going to

B. will be

C. could

D. want

She _____ visit her grandmother tomorrow.

A. will be

B. shall

C. am going to

D. is going to

They … the classroom by the end of the hour.

A. will have been leaving

B. will have left

C. will left

We _____________ shopping this Monday.

A. would gone

B. will gone

C. will go

D. will be gone

It is _____ rain soon.
A.     going to
B.     will
C.     shall
D.     may

Will you ______ to school tomorrow?

A. went

B. go

C. goes

D. swam

… the new house by October?

A. Will you have been bought

B. Will you have bought

C. Will you bought

Dava : This letter is in French, and I don’t speak a word of French. Can you help me?

Devi : Sure. I………it for you.

A. will translate

B. will have translated

C. will be translating

D. will being translated

This traffic is terrible. We are going to be late. By the time we get to the airport, Bob’s plane ..…

A. arrive

B. arrived

C. will arrive

D. will have arrived

I think he…………… you a surprise.

A. will be given

B. will being given

C. will has given

D. will give

By the time my grandson is grown up, they _______ all the trees in the local forest.

A. will have cut down

B. will cut down

C. are going to cut down

D. will be cutting down

“What are your plans for tonight?”

A. Nothing. I’m definitely staying at home. I have to save my money.

B. Nothing. I will definitely stay home. I have to save my money.

Right now I am studying in class. At this time tomorrow, I…. at the library.

A. will studying

B. will study

C. will be studying

D. will be studied


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