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Future Tense Quiz


Tomorrow afternoon at this time , we ______ over the Caribbean.

A. will fly

B. will be fly

C. will flying

D. will be flying

Hurry up. You are so late! Everybody … when you arrive at school.

A. will study

B. study

C. will be studying

Look at the smoke at the top of the mountain! The volcano _________ .

A. will erupt

B. erupts

C. will be erupting

D. is going to erupt

My dad ___ a beard, but my mum doesn’t like the idea.

A. will grow

B. is going to grow

C. grows

D. grew

Select the simple future tense:

A. will have played

B. will play

C. will have been playing

“Where are you going?”

A. I’m going to get coffee. I’m back in five minutes.

B. I’m going to get coffee. I’ll be back in five minutes.

Đâu là cấu trúc của thì Tương Lai Đơn ở thể câu hỏi có từ để hỏi

A. S + will + V

B. S + won’t + V

C. Will + S + V…?

D. Wh_ + will + S + V…?

____ you study hard, then you will pass the test.

A. If

B. Then

C. Will

D. Won’t

All the shops ____ opened tomorrow.

A. will

B. shall

C. are going to

D. will be

I have a test tomorrow so I ____________ at the library after school.

A. will study

B. will

C. studies

D. studying

Here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow (be) dry and sunny

A. will be

B. is going to be

C. is to be

D. is

Our son … three years old next January.

A. won’t

B. will

C. will be

By next January, we … in a pandemic for two years.

A. will have been living

B. will have lived

C. will live

Will he _________ pizza with Mr. Jordan?

A. eats

B. ate

C. eat

D. eight

Oscar says he ___ the washing-up after dinner.

A. is doing

B. will do

C. is going to do

D. does

Mrs. Ira … Singapore for a year next week.

A. will be

B. will be being

C. will have being

D. will have been

E. will has been

Select the sentence that contains the future perfect tense:

A. Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. (Michael Leunig)

B. I hope I will have achieved something lasting.

If you want to say that at the exact time in the future, you are reading your favourite novel, what will you say?

A. I will read my favourite novel tomorrow

B. I will be reading my favourite novel at 3 PM tomorrow

C. I will have been reading my favourite novel

D. I will have read my favourite novel by then

She …………….. before too long.

A. will arrive

B. is arriving

C. would arrive

D. would be arriving

Eka : could you tell your brother to meet me at the cafetaria tonight?

Eko : sure, I . . . . . him.

A. Told

B. Will tell

C. Be telling him

D. Tell

No, I _____________________ (stay) at home.

A. am staying

B. is stay

C. are staying

D. are stayed

Clark is a very talented singer. Everyone believes he ____ a great career.

A. will have

B. is going to have

C. will be having

D. is having

A: _____ I get you another glass of lemonade?

B: Yes, please.

A. Is

B. Are

C. Shall

D. Do

I ____ to a conference in Brussels next week. (Arrangements have been made)

A. will go

B. am going

C. am going to go

D. will be going

Select the one with an example of the simple future tense:

A. Never explain. Your friends do not need it, and your enemies will not believe you anyway.

B. We must believe in free will, we have no choice. (Isaac Bashevis Singer)


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