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Future Tenses Quiz


Up to now, we _____ four English tests.

A. have had

B. will have

C. will have had

D. have

How old _______ Harry be in 2050?

A. will

B. is going to

C. is

D. are

A: I’m so thirsty.
B: Are you? I’ll bring you a soft drink.

A. •Predictions (we think it will happen)

B. •Instant decisions (while speaking)

C. •Promises/Refusals

I ______________ on time! I promise

A. am going to be

B. will be

C. am being

You ________ the pancakes! Turn down the heat!

A. shall burn

B. are going to burn

C. won’t burn

In 2053 we (have) lots of flying cars.

A. will have

B. are going to have

C. are having

D. have

When we go to Paris _______________ .

A. I will climb the Eiffel Tower

B. I’m climbing the Eiffel Tower

C. I’m going to climb the Eiffel Tower

I don’t think ______ order this pasta again. It was quite bland.

A. I shall

B. I will

C. I won’t

Why are you going to the museum so early? It _____ until nine.

A. doesn’t open

B. isn’t opening

We’re having dinner at 7.30 this evening.

A. An arrangement

B. An intention / A plan

C. Timetable / Schedule

We use be+going to + verb in base form …. to

A. Make promises

B. Talk about plans

C. Talk about scheduled things

I think we will win against COVID 19.

A. Predictions (we think it will happen)

B. Instant decisions (while speaking)

C. Promises/Refusals

These are the forms of which tense? – ……………………
S + is/am/are going to + V + ……
(–) S + is/am/are not going to+ V + …….
(?) Is/Am/Are going to + S + V + ……?

A. Simple future

B. •Present Continuous

C. •Present Simple

D. •Near Future

We believe that she …………….. from her illness soon.

A. has recovered

B. recovers

C. is recovering

D. will recover

Look at that cat! It …….

A. will crash

B. is going to crash

C. is crashing

I hope it ________ raining so that I can play outside.

A. will have stopped

B. will be stopped

C. stops

D. will stop

I hope the weather _________ nice.

A. will

B. will be

C. will have been

D. will being

E. is

They ________ a house by June next year.

A. will have built

B. will build

C. will be building

D. are building

They _________________ to London on Friday evening at 8:15.

A. are flying

B. will be flight

C. will fly

D. is fly

Don’t worry about the exam! I… you study!

A. will help

B. am going to help

C. am helping

Here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow (be) dry and sunny.

A. will be

B. is going to be

C. is

D. is to be

I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I think I (find) something nice in my mum’s wardrobe.

A. will find

B. am going to find

C. am finding

D. finds

He (sing) a few songs in the Voice of Holland next week.

A. is going to sing

B. sings

C. will sing

D. are going to sing

Oh no, the milk is sour… ______ my coffee black then.

A. I’m drinking

B. I’ll drink

C. I’m not going to

Next month, I ________ for India with my family.

A. will have left

B. will leave

C. will be leaving

D. have left


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