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Future Tenses Quiz


I ______a burger (intentions)

A. will have

B. am going to have

C. am having

By next month, we __________ all the renovations.

A. will complete

B. will be completing

C. will have been completed

D. will have completed

They __________ to the beach.

A. are going

B. goes

C. went

D. going

My father………… you in 5 minutes.

A. calls

B. am calling

C. will call

D. is calling

If you ….. me the truth, I will never speak with you.

A. won’t tell

B. won’t be telling

C. don’t tell

By the time you arrive, I __________ all the arrangements.

A. will have made

B. make

C. have made

D. will be making

The film _________ by the time we get there.

A. will end

B. will have ended

C. ended

D. will be ending

She promise me she ______ (not tell) my secret to anyone.

A. will not be telling

B. is not going to tell

C. would not tell

D. will not tell

Use _____ + verb to talk about things that will probably happen.

A. be likely to

B. be about to

C. will be able to

D. will/won’t

I’ve just missed my train! – No problem. I ………… you there.

A. drive

B. am driving

C. am going to drive

D. will drive

Don’t worry, I ….. a copy of the practice test for you.

A. ‘m going to print 

B. ‘ll print     

C. ‘m printing

D. ‘ll be printing

Peru soccer team is going to win tomorrow…!

A. a spontaneous decision

B. a departure or arrival

C. an uncertain prediction

D. a certain prediction

This _________ fun. (predictions based on present knowledge)

A. won’t be

B. is not going to be

Don’t ask me for the results tomorrow.

A. I’ll still be doing the research.

B. I will have done the research.

C. I will do the research.

Today we are taking the bus. Next week, we ___________the train.

A. will take

B. will be taking

C. will have taken

D. will have been taking

What time _______________________?

A. does the show begin

B. will the show began

C. is the show going to begin

Ask him when the engineers ___ finish the talks.

A. will

B. would

C. had

D. have

At 7 o’clock, we _____ for their plane to arrive.

A. wait

B. will be waited

C. will be waiting

D. will have waited

The shop __________ at 6 tonight.

A. is going to close

B. closes

We ……………………….to Mars in 20 years

A. will travel

B. are going to

C. are travelling

D. travel

Use _____ + verb for facts.

A. be going to

B. simple present

C. present progressive

D. will/won’t

Do you think _______________ ?

A. you are you going to retire before you’re sixty?

B. you will retire before you’re sixty ?

C. you are retiring before you’re sixty ?

A: Any plans for the weekend?

B: Yes, I ____ (fly) to Thailand. Tickets were inexpensive.

A. am flying

B. will fly

C. fly

D. am going to fly

When I want to talk about future arrangements, I can use…

A. simple present

B. present progressive

C. be going to

D. simple future

Will you _____ the car tomorrow evening between 6 and 9 pm?

A. be using

B. have used


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