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Future Tenses Quiz


Look at the clouds – it _____________ in a few minutes.

A. is going to rain

B. will rain

C. rains

D. has been raining

How old _______ Harry be in 2050?

A. will

B. is going to

C. is

D. are

The museum __________ at 10 am daily.

A. opens

B. will open

C. is going to open

D. has been opening

Listen! There’s someone at the door. I _________ the door for you.

A. will open

B. am going to open

C. open

D. have opned

They _________________ to London on Friday evening at 8:15.

A. are flying

B. will be flight

C. will fly

D. is fly

What time _______________________?

A. does the show begin

B. will the show began

C. is the show going to begin

The English lesson ____________ at 8:45.

A. is going to start

B. starts

C. will start

D. have started

These boxes are so heavy. ________ you carry them for me, please?

A. Do

B. Did

C. Will

D. Are

Wait! ________________ you to the station.

A. I will drive

B. I’m driving

C. I have driven

D. I won’t drove

We____________________ dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday, but we have’t booked a table yet.

A. are going to have

B. will have

C. are having

D. is going to have

My ski instructor believes it ____________ in the mountains tomorrow evening.

A. will snow

B. is going to snow

C. is snowing

D. is been snow

I _____________________ my sister in April.

A. am going to see

B. will see

C. have seen

D. see

The train _________ at 11:45.

A. is leaving

B. leaves

C. is going to leave

D. will leave

On Sunday at 8 o’clock _____________________ my friend.

A. I am meeting

B. I will meet

C. I’ll meeting

D. I have met

What _________________ tomorrow evening?

A. are you going to do

B. will you do

C. do you do


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