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Future Tense (will/be going to/p.continuous) Quiz


‘We’re out of eggs.’

‘OK, I _______________ some when I go to the shops.’

A. am going to get

B. am getting

C. get

D. will get

It is possible that in fifty years there ________ any tigers in the world.

A. aren’t going to be

B. won’t be

C. isn’t

D. aren’t

What are you doing __________? B: I haven’t decided yet. What are you up to?

A. at the moment

B. now

C. right now

D. this weekend

Tell them again. Perhaps they _______________.

A. will understand

B. are going to understand

C. will be understand

D. understands

I _________________ my friends for dinner after work tomorrow.

A. will meet

B. meet

C. am going to meet

D. meeting

Rebecca is pregnant. She __________ have a baby next month.

A. goes to

B. will

C. is going to

D. will be going to

I hope Ben _____________from his illness sooner or later.

A. is recovering

B. will recover

C. is going to recover

D. recovers

Dad can’t take you to school. He _______________ the dentist at 8.30.

A. is going to see

B. will see

C. is see

D. going to see

___________________ anything on Saturday evening? We thought we might go to the cinema.

A. Are you doing

B. Will you do

C. You are going to do

D. Will you doing

A: ‘Can you give me a hand with this?’

B: ‘Just a minute and I__________ you.’

A. will help

B. am going to help

C. am helping

D. help

‘Any plans for the weekend?’

‘Yes, I ________________ some furniture for my new flat.’

A. will buy

B. am buy

C. am going to buy

D. will buying

‘Are you free tomorrow afternoon?’

‘Let me check in my diary…I ________________ a client at three. I’m free after that.’

A. will see

B. am seeing

C. see

D. going to

I heard on the news that they ___________________ a new shopping centre in the town centre next year.

A. will build

B. build

C. going to be build

D. are going to build

I promise I ____________ you everything in the end.

A. am telling

B. am going to tell

C. will tell

D. told

I have bought this paint because I _____________ paint my room.

A. will

B. am going to

C. will be

D. do

People say that in 2050 computers ___________ really small.

A. will be

B. are going to be

C. are being

D. will been

Mel and Lee ___________ a party at their place Saturday night!

A. are have

B. going to have

C. are having

D. will have

This car is out of control! We ________________ crash.

A. will

B. might

C. are going to

D. are

According to weather report it ___________ sunny tomorrow.

A. is going to be

B. is be

C. will

D. will be

A: ‘The phone’s ringing.’

B: ‘OK, I_______________ it.”

A. will answer

B. am going to answer

C. answering

D. answer


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