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Gerund, Infinitive & Modals Quiz


Healthy food ____ on your diet or you will become fat.

A. should be added

B. would be added

C. could be added

D. must be added

E. might be added

We didn’t know how ____ him stop smoking.

A. to made

B. make

C. made

D. making

E. to make

He had been working for more than 12 hours. He ____ tired after such hard work.

A. may be

B. should be

C. can be

D. will be

E. must be

I don’t care about ____ by others.

A. liked

B. like

C. being liked

D. to be liked

E. to like

She tends ____ if she’s in a hurry.

A. making

B. to make

C. made

D. being making

E. will be made

A lot of work ____ by tomorrow. It’s the end of the month.

A. could be done

B. mustn’t be done

C. has to be done

D. has to do

E. shall be done

The company ____ go bankrupt if they don’t find a lot of money quickly.

A. must

B. may

C. shall

D. will

E. have

I didn’t see Jonas in the office this morning. He ____ late.

A. must be

B. may be

C. was

D. might have been

E. has to be

Roni ____ the ticket yesterday if he had wanted to see the concert.

A. should have bought

B. may have bought

C. could have bought

D. might have bought

E. should reserve

____ a new language can be very interesting.

A. Learn

B. Learning

C. Having to learn

D. To learned

E. Understand

He was ____ being the champion of the tournament.

A. capable

B. capability

C. able

D. capable of

E. will

Can you imagine ____ money to live?

A. not needing

B. no need

C. we don’t need

D. not needed by

E. need

Well, if your pocket is empty, you ____ all your money.

A. must have spent

B. should have spent

C. could spend

D. had to spend

E. have to spend

I like ____ my bills online

A. to pay

B. to paying

C. pay

D. paid

E. to paying

It’s very difficult ____ in this company.

A. promote

B. to promote

C. promoted

D. to get promoted

E. promo

I ____ speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Morocco.

A. can

B. could

C. must

D. might

E. have to

According to the latest issue of the journal of American Medical Association, ____ can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death in men.

A. fish being eaten every week

B. if we eat fish once a week

C. to eat weekly fish

D. fish to eat weekly

E. eating fish just once a week

He ____ the boss but he retired early.

A. become

B. was being

C. was to become

D. be

E. must be

I would like ____ the Eiffel Tower.

A. being seen

B. see

C. to see

D. have seen

E. to saw

Look at the street, it’s very muddy. It ____ rained last night.

A. could

B. might be

C. would have

D. shall be

E. must have


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