Grammar Quiz

Gerund & Infinitives Quiz


____ attention when you are really tired is difficult

A. paying

B. to pay

Do you thnik it is easy ___ rice ?

A. making

B. to make

It is important ____ people back right away

A. calling

B. to call

The coach promised ____ the players take a break

A. letting

B. to let

Junko and Yosuke enjoy ____ to the beach

A. going

B. to go

Nicole decided ____ tonight

A. not going out

B. not to go out

Our teacher advised us ___ before the big test

A. studying

B. to study

Victor hopes ____ his exam

A. passing

B. to pass

They want ____ next weekend

A. to go skiing

B. going to ski

John finished ___ the novel

A. reading

B. to read

It’s too far ___ to the museum

A. walking

B. to walk

The travel agent advised ____ shots before going to a tropical place.

A. getting

B. to get


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