Grammar Quiz

Gerund or Infinitive Quiz


My uncle congratulated me __________ the exam.

A. passing

B. on having passed

C. on passed

D. about passed

Vietnam Airline regrets ______________ passengers that flight VN 251 to Hanoi is postponed due to bad weather.

A. informing

B. inform

C. to inform

She has decided _______ a trip to New Zealand next year.

A. to take

B. taking

I’m trying … a new job.

A. finding

B. to find

There’s no milk. I forgot _____ more when I went to the supermarket earlier

A. to buy

B. buying

She avoided _________to her boss.

A. to talk

B. talking

Do you enjoy .. in bed?

A. reading

B. to read

______ (sleep) more than usual disrupts your sleep cycle.

A. to sleep

B. sleep 

C. sleeping

I hope ___ the final exam.

A. to pass

B. passing

C. pass

He plans ______ a long email to his parents later.

A. to write

B. writing

I’ll go to the party but I don’t feel like …

A. dancing

B. to dance

They stopped at the petrol station _____ the car up

A. to fill

B. filling

My sister agreed __________________ to the party.

A. come

B. to come

C. coming

I never remember … the window.

A. closing

B. to close

Dad hopes… a better job, but it won’t be easy. You know, the crisis…

A. find

B. finding

C. to find

-Would you like a lift?

-No, thanks. I prefer … on foot.
A. going

B. to go

C. go

I really like … in the rain, do you?

A. walk

B. walking

C. walks

Alex refused ______ the homework.

A. to do

B. doing

I can’t stand _________________ a jacket and tie.

A. wear

B. wearing

C. to wear

I’d like … a single room with a bath for two nights.

A. to have

B. having

C. have

She plans ______ lose 5kg before her wedding.

A. to lose

B. losing

We were hungry, so I suggested ______ dinner early.

A. to have

B. having

Please stop … such a mess. I won’t clean it.

A. making

B. to make

I hope … you soon.

A. seeing

B. to see

He says he feels a lot better since he stopped _____ so much bread

A. to eat

B. eating


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