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Gerunds and Infinitives Quiz


He also enjoys ___________ as a school prefect.

A. working

B. works

C. to work

D. worked

You forgot _________the milk. (buy)

A. to buy

B. buy

C. buying

We hate ______Maths exams every Monday.  

A. taking

B. to take

C. take 

Instead I went (shop)___________ at the mall, and later my friends and I went (dance) ___________ at a nearby club.

A. shopping/to dance

B. to shop/to dance

C. shopping/dancing

Finally, (stress) ____ over a job can lead to colds.

A. stressing

B. to stress

C. stress

I learned ___________ French when I was at school. (speak)

A. to speak

B. speak

C. speaking

As doctors continue (search) _______ for a cure for the common cold, they have found some things that make people more vulnerable to catching a cold.

A. to search

B. searching

C. to search

D. “to search” and “searching”

For example, he will _________ hard to get good results.

A. working

B. works

C. to work

D. work

Soon, the semester will be over and we will be finished ________ together.

A. work

B. to work

C. working

D. worked

Ted was surprised _____ (see) his computer shutting down.

A. seeing

B. to see

Choose the right sentence.

A. I promise to not tell anyone your secret.

B. I promise not to tell anyone your secret.

C. I promise not to telling anyone your secret.

D. I promise not telling anyone your secret.

One negative influence is (argue) ______. People who argue are more likely to get colds than those who do not.

A. argue

B. to argue

C. arguing

We’d like ______ our bill now as we’re leaving early tomorrow.

A. pay

B. to pay

C. paying

She avoided _____ (tell) him about her plans.

A. telling

B. to tell

I’ll never forget _____ the Queen.

A. to meet

B. meeting

A gerund is a noun that ends in -ing



They are afraid of _____ the match.

A. losing

B. to lose

I must ______ to some of their songs before I go to the concert.

A. listen

B. to listen

C. listening

A responsible teenager is someone who is willing to _____ the school.

A. serve

B. serves

C. serving

D. can serve

I forgot _____ bread on the way home.

A. to buy

B. buying

I remembered (stop) ______ the mail, but I don’t remember (stop) ________ the paper.

A. stopping/to stop

B. to stop/stopping

In class, we have practiced __________ in different situations.

A. speak

B. to speak

C. speaking

D. spoke

My girlfriend is very possessive. She doesn’t let me ______ with my friends anymore.

A. go out

B. to go out

C. going out

Pat is angry about ______ (walk) in the rain.

A. to walk

B. walking

(Eat) ______ vegetables and (exercise)______ are excellent ways to stay healthy.

A. Eating/to exercise

B. To eat/to exercise

C. Eating/exercising

D. To eat/exercising


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