Grammar Quiz

Gerunds and Infinitives Quiz


My parents like ________________ for long walks at the weekend.(go)

A. both options are correct

B. going

C. to go

Because it was raining heavily, we decided_______ at home.

A. to stay

B. stay

C. staying

We hate ______Maths exams every Monday.  

A. taking

B. to take

C. take 

Since I’ve moved abroad I really miss ___________ my friends. (see)

A. to see

B. see

C. seeing

We have this beautiful pan for_______ delicious pancakes.

A. cooking

B. cook

It’s so difficult for my daughter _______ meat and vegetables.

A. eating

B. to eat

The children decided __________ outside and enjoy the nice weather.

A. stay

B. to stay

C. staying

D. stayed

I remembered _______________ “Happy Birthday” to Sarah. Did you?

A. saying

B. to say

Dave is good at ______________

A. cooking

B. to cook

C. to cooking

D. cook

Please try _____ your homework in on time.

A. to hand

B. handing

Would you like_______ to the party?

A. come

B. to come

C. coming

Do you mind_______ such a long way to work everyday?

A. to travel

B. traveling

C. travel

The president will talk about_______ the transportation.

A. change

B. changing

I haven’t got anything _______her as a present.

A. to give

B. giving

The architect suggested ________a new apartment.

A. to build

B. building

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s helped make our wedding such a special occasion.

B. who’s

C. make

D. such

I have decided _____________ these shoes

A. to buy

B. to not buy

C. buying

D. not buying

My son managed ______ his driving test although he was really nervous.

A. pass

B. to pass

C. passing

Choose the right sentence.

A. Can I borrow that magazine when you’ve finished to reading it?

B. Can I borrow that magazine when you’ve finished reading it?

C. Can I borrow that magazine when you’ve finished read it?

D. Can I borrow that magazine when you’ve finish reading it?

It’s getting late. We should better _____________ much longer. (not stay)

A. to not stay

B. don’t stay

C. not stay

D. not staying

(A) Do you … every day?

(B) No, I don’t.

A. exercising

B. exercise

C. to exercise

Tom’s doctor suggested ______ a specialist about his back.

A. see

B. to see

C. seeing

In class, we have practiced __________ in different situations.

A. speak

B. to speak

C. speaking

D. spoke

_______________ is my favourite hobby,

A. Walking

B. To walk

They were excited ____ (hear) about the birth of her baby.

A. hearing

B. to hear


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