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Gerunds and Infinitives Quiz


Laura’s mother lets her __________ when she wants. (go out)

A. to go out

B. go out

C. going out

The architect suggested ________a new apartment.

A. to build

B. building

She expected ——– soon, but things seem ———wrong.

A. promoting/ going

B. being promoted/ to go

C. to be promoted/ to go

D. to promote/ going

He does not mind __________ the sick.

A. look after

B. looking after

C. looks after

D. to look after

He stopped __________ water during his workouts.

A. drinking

B. to drink

C. both

I’m not good at ____ famous people’s names

A. remembering

B. to remember

C. remember

I told my daughter _______ the flower in the garden.

A. to water

B. watering

You should avoid _______party on Sundays.

A. go

B. going

I really dislike … on holidays and weekends.

A. working

B. to work

C. work

I often choose ________ (go) to bed right after dinner.

A. going

B. to go

I couldn’t help _________ when my brother fell off his bicycle. (laugh)

A. to laugh

B. laugh

C. laughing

Unfortunately, Rayhan has failed __________(learn) his lesson about not behaving well.

A. to learn

B. learning

All students must ___________ uniform

A. to wear

B. wearing

C. not to wear

D. wear

She mentioned go to the cinema, but I don’t know what she decided to do in the end.

A. go to

B. but

C. what

D. to do

Tourists are not allowed _______ in the Temple.

A. to talk

B. talking

C. talk

He is tired __________

A. of hearing the same excuses

B. from you

Because it was raining heavily, we decided_______ at home.

A. to stay

B. stay

C. staying

Unfortunately, I thought I had lots of time, so I postponed (go) _______ over them.

A. going

B. to go

C. go


My girlfriend is very possessive. She doesn’t let me ______ with my friends anymore.

A. go out

B. to go out

C. going out

I plan_____the day watching soccer

A. spent

B. spending

C. to spend

D. to spent

He decided ______ Barbie with me.

A. to watch

B. watching

She enjoys __________________ the weekend with her family.

A. spending

B. to spending

C. spend

D. to spend

This is very difficult. Maybe, I might need __________ gerunds and infinitives more!

A. practice

B. to practice

C. practicing

D. practiced


A. avoid to works out

B. avoids working out

C. avoids workining out

D. avoid to working out

I can’t imagine ___ without a mobile phone at this time and age.

A. to live

B. living

C. live


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