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Gerunds and Infinitives Quiz


I learned ___________ French when I was at school. (speak)

A. to speak

B. speak

C. speaking

Laura’s mother lets her __________ when she wants. (go out)

A. to go out

B. go out

C. going out

The sheets on this bed are dirty. They need __________. (change)

A. to change

B. change

C. changing

I’ve given up ______ to the gym. It was too boring.

A. go

B. to go

C. going

Could you try ______ late tomorrow? (not be)

A. to not be

B. not to be

C. don’t be

D. not be

E. not being

Would you rather ____________ in the country or in a town? (live)

A. to live

B. live

C. living

I must ______ to some of their songs before I go to the concert.

A. listen

B. to listen

C. listening

My learned ______ the guitar when she was a teenager.

A. play

B. to play

C. playing

We strongly recommend ______ the incident to the police.

A. report

B. to report

C. reporting

If l tell you a secret, do you promise ___________ anybody? (not tell)

A. to not tell

B. don’t tell

C. not to tell

D. not tell

E. not telling

We’d like ______ our bill now as we’re leaving early tomorrow.

A. pay

B. to pay

C. paying

My son managed ______ his driving test although he was really nervous.

A. pass

B. to pass

C. passing

I think you need ____________ the irregular verbs. (revise)

A. to revise

B. revise

C. revising

The man denied ______ the laptop from my bag.

A. steal

B. to steal

C. stealing

You’d better _____ an umbrella – it’s going to rain.

A. take

B. to take

C. taking

I can’t imagine ______ up at 5:30 every morning.

A. get

B. to get

C. getting

If the computer doesn’t work, try ___________ it off and on again. (turn)

A. to turn

B. turn

C. turning

Tom’s doctor suggested ______ a specialist about his back.

A. see

B. to see

C. seeing

I couldn’t help _________ when my brother fell off his bicycle. (laugh)

A. to laugh

B. laugh

C. laughing

I don’t mind _______ . I’m not in a hurry. (wait)

A. to wait

B. wait

C. waiting

I’m going to carry on ___________ until 8:00 tonight. (work)

A. to work

B. work

C. working

Did you remember _________ James about the meeting tomorrow? (tell)

A. to tell

B. tell

C. telling

My girlfriend is very possessive. She doesn’t let me ______ with my friends anymore.

A. go out

B. to go out

C. going out

Don’t you remember ________ his wife at that party at Christmas? (meet)

A. to meet

B. meet

C. meeting

I don’t mind ______ if you tell me which way to go.

A. drive

B. to drive

C. driving


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