Grammar Quiz

Gerunds/Infinitives Quiz


Do you enjoy ___ wildlife documentaries on TV?

A. watching

B. to watch

Before we leave, let’s have Tony _____ a map for us so we won’t get lost.

A. draw

B. to draw

C. drawing

D. drawn

I’m tired of ________ TV: Let’s do something different.

A. to watch

B. watching

C. watch

________ “excuse me” when you bump into someone is polite.

A. Saying

B. To say

You’d better _______! We are late!

A. to hurry up

B. hurry up

C. hurrying up

Bao is shocked ________ the bad news.

A. to hear

B. to hearing

C. hearing

I’m staying at home ___ Mom with the chores this weekend.

A. helping

B. to help

Did you remember milk from the supermarket?

A. getting

B. to get

The children pretended _____ pirates.

A. being

B. to be

I think ___ is the best form of exercise.

A. swimming

B. to swim

Would you mind ___________ me a newspaper?

A. buy

B. to buy

C. buying

D. buys

He likes to jazz and rock music.

A. listening

B. to listen

We prefer             at home on the weekend.

A. staying

B. to stay

Don’t expect ______ if you do not make an effort in class.

A. passing

B. pass

C. to pass

He apologized for ___ me.

A. upsetting

B. to upset

……………….. used to be my favorite hobby at your age.

A. Fishing

B. To fish

C. Fish

D. A fish

_______ your friend’s mom by her name is disrespectful.

A. Calling

B. To call

We called             him the good news.

A. telling

B. to tell

They hate               early on the weekend.

A. getting up

B. to get up

They keep in shape by         every day.

A. exercising

B. to exercise

Ben enjoys _________ to music.

A. listening

B. to listen

Are you interested in ___ how to ski?

A. learning

B. to learn

You need ____ your device to school tomorrow.

A. bringing

B. bring

C. to bring

D. to bringing

Which verb is followed by a gerund (V-ing)?

A. offer

B. enjoy

C. arrange

D. decide

It’s easy to my house.

A. getting

B. to get


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