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Gerunds, Infinitives and Participles Quiz


I’m not opposed ___ (drink) soda.

A. drink

B. drinking

C. to drink

D. to drinking

I tried ___(speak) to her face-to-face, but it didn’t work.

A. speak

B. speaking

C. having spoken

D. to speaking

There was no point in ___(hesitate) when the evidence all pointed towards one answer.

A. to hesitate

B. to hesitating

C. hesitating

D. hesitate

He had a ___(heighten) sense of hearing.

A. heightens

B. heightening

C. heighten

D. heightened

It is not enough ___(succeed).

A. to succeed

B. for succeed

C. succeeding

D. succeeds

The candidate ___(get) the most votes wins the election.

A. got

B. getting

C. gets

D. get

They suggested ___ (visit) the museum tomorrow.

A. to visiting

B. visited

C. visiting

D. to visit

He despises ___(wait) for people.

A. waiting

B. to wait

C. waits

D. waited

She would like ___ (come) to the party.

A. came

B. coming

C. comes

D. to come

He likes ___(eat) ice cream.

A. ate

B. eat

C. to eat

D. to have eaten

I would like ___(object) to this preposterous idea.

A. objection

B. objecting

C. to object

D. objects

I don’t fancy ___ (go) out tonight.

A. going

B. to go

C. go

D. having gone

He wants ___ (eat) rice balls.

A. to eat

B. eating of

C. eats

D. eating

The new students want their inputs ___(include) in the school’s annual function.

A. to be included

B. to include

C. include

D. including

___(succeed) is not enough.

A. Succeeding

B. Succession

C. Succeeds

D. Successing

___(cry) will not get you anywhere.

A. Crying

B. Cries

C. Cry

D. Cried

Don’t hesitate ___(give) me a call whenever you need help.

A. to giving

B. give

C. for give

D. giving

I enjoy ___(have) tea in the afternoon

A. having

B. have

C. to have

D. had

The children’s ___(sing) disturbed me.

A. song

B. to sing

C. sing

D. singing

Place the wound under ___(run) water.

A. ran

B. running

C. run

D. to run

Can you get me a glass ___(fill) with orange juice?

A. fill

B. filling

C. filled

D. to filled

___(serenade) him was not a good choice.

A. To be serenaded

B. To serenade

C. Serenading

D. Serenade

___(set) the scene already, he walked away gleefully.

A. To set

B. Setting

C. Having set

D. Set

They dislike ___(waltz).

A. to waltz

B. waltz

C. waltzed

D. in waltzing

Many have stopped ___(wear) a mask nowadays.

A. to wear

B. worn

C. wear

D. wearing


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