Grammar Quiz

Gerund - to Infinitive Quiz


I want … rich some day.

A. becoming

B. to become

They never agree _________for photos for the paparazzi.(pose)

A. pose

B. posing

C. to pose

D. to posing

Don’t forget … off the lights.

A. turning

B. to turn

I manage _________ my private life separate from my public life. (keep)

A. keep

B. keeping

C. to keep

D. to keeping

I never remember … the window.

A. closing

B. to close

I don’t like … the clothes

A. ironing

B. to iron

So he ended up ________ in the villa for most of the holiday.(stay)

A. staying

B. to staying

C. to stay

D. stay

Enjoy, Fancy, Can’t stand, Imagine are followed by….?

A. to Infinitive

B. gerund

C. both can be used

She is interested in ___ the Internet.

A. surf

B. to surf

C. surfing

Kids must ___ their meals before they leave the table.

A. finish

B. to finish

C. finishing

She decided ___ the car.

A. sell

B. to sell

C. selling

I’m keen on …

A. swimming

B. to swim

We’d like … my friends.

A. visiting

B. to visit

Can you imagine ___ in a Paris cafe drinking a perfect cup of coffee?

A. sit

B. to sit 

C. sitting

They can ___ German.

A. speak

B. to speak

C. speaking

I would like ___ a cup of tea.

A. have 

B. to have

C. having

He spends a lot of time … computer games.

A. playing

B. to play

Some models hardly go out and they avoid _________ to clubs and restaurants. (go)

A. go

B. going

C. to go

D. to going

I hope … you soon.

A. seeing

B. to see

Children always promise … very well.

A. behaving

B. to behave

I avoid ___ too much convenience food.

A. buy

B. to buy

C. buying

The pizza company promised ___ within half an hour.

A. to deliver

B. deliver

C. delivering

some Verbs followed by TO INFINITIVE are…..

A. Agree, Plan, learn, Dislike, Manage, Imagine…

B. Refuse, Manage, Would love, Miss, Remember

C. Want, Hope, Learn, Promise, Try, Agree

He’s interested in ___ , so I usually buy him recipe books for his birthday.

A. to cook

B. cook

C. cooking

We need ___ some drinks before we get on the train.

A. buy 

B. to buy

C. buying


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