Grammar Quiz

Giving and Asking for Ability Quiz


Tania : Clara, look! I have a new novel.

Clara : . . .

Tania : Sorry, I’m still reading it.

A. Can you read it?

B. Can you see it?

C. Can I borrow it?

D. Can I write it?

Sam : Can you swim?

Shina : . . . . I’m afraid of drowning.

A. Of course

B. Definetely

C. Yes, I can

D. No, I can’t

Susy : This room is noisy. I . . . hear Rara’s voice.

Boby : Let’s move to the front row seat.

A. cannot

B. will not

C. can

D. will

Rakha : Can I help you bring your bag?

Rafif : . . . I can do it myself

A. Yes.

B. Sure.

C. Of course.

D. No, Thanks.

Annisa : How’s his English?

Safira : He. . . speak English fluently. He ever stayed in America.

A. can

B. will

C. cannot

D. will not

Akha : Can you play the piano, Afif?

Afif : . . ., but it’s not very good.

A. No, I can’t

B. Yes, I can

C. Not at all

D. No problem

Chika : Can you lend me some money?

Dira : . . .

A. No, thanks.

B. You are right.

C. Sorry. I forgot.

D. Sorry. I don’t have any.

Roy : What did happen to Sofia yesterday?

Sandra : Sofia broke her legs. She . . . walk for a while.

A. can

B. will

C. cannot

D. will not

Anna can’t sing because ….

A. She has sore throat

B. She can play guitar only

C. She has melodious voice

D. She is good at all musical instruments

Mia : It’s hot in here. . . . , please?

Rara : Sorry, but the fan doesn’t work.

A. Can you turn of the fan

B. Can you turn on the fan

C. Can you break the fan

D. Can you open the fan


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