Grammar Quiz

Grammar (Adjectives) Quiz


Paul thinks Monday is ______day at school.

A. bad

B. the worst

C. worse

When I was in Florida, I saw a _______ lizard.

A. tiny green

B. green tiny

I don’t want to sit in that ______ chair!

A. uncomfortable concrete grey

B. uncomfortable grey concrete

C. grey uncomfortable concrete

D. concrete uncomfortable grey

Richard thinks badminton is _______than football.

A. the most fun

B. more fun

C. fun

She wore a ___________ scarf.

A. silk green beautiful

B. beautiful silk green

C. green beautiful silk

D. beautiful green silk

It is _____in a city than a village.

A. noisy

B. the noisiest

C. noisier

I want a ___________ bag for my birthday.

A. leather brown

B. brown leather

My sister runs __________than me.

A. the fastest

B. faster

C. fast

What is the _________________ movie you’ve ever watched with your family?

A. funnier

B. funniest

C. more funny

D. most funny

This is a/an _______ cat.

A. unfriendly brown old

B. old brown unfriendly

C. brown unfriendly old

D. unfriendly old brown

Choose the correct order of the adjectives in this sentence:
The boy needs ________ balls for that activity.

A. five cotton small

B. five small cotton

Which is in the correct order?

A. an old wooden square table

B. an old square wooden table

C. a square wooden old table

D. a wooden old square table

Stephanie is clearly the _________________ one of the two sisters.

A. smartly

B. smarter

C. smartest

D. most smart

Emma thinks she is a _____ than Lucy.

A. better

B. the best

C. good

We are going to have a ______breakfast before we leave.

A. the largest

B. larger

C. large

Sugar is ________than a lemon.

A. sweeter

B. the sweetest

C. sweet

Madrid is _______ than London in the summer.

A. hotter

B. hot

C. the hottest

The man has a ________________ umbrella.

A. rainbow plastic big

B. big rainbow plastic

C. plastic big rainbow

D. rainbow big plastic

He has a __________ clock.

A. wooden wonderful old

B. old wonderful wooden

C. wonderful old wooden

D. wonderful wooden old

They live in a __________________ house.

A. large and white

B. white and large

C. large white

Put the words in the correct order:

A. a new red fast Italian car

B. a red Italian fast new car

C. a fast new red Italian car

D. a Italian red fast new car

My neighbor has a ________ baby.

A. cute little new

B. little new cute

C. cute new little

D. new little cute

James uses a __________________ bicycle to go to school every day.

A. expensive new silver

B. new expensive silver

C. silver new expensive

D. new silver expensive

This desert is one of _________areas in the world.

A. dry

B. drier

C. the driest

My brother often puts some _______food in his sandwiches.

A. the strangest

B. stranger

C. strange


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