Grammar Quiz

Grammar (Adjectives) Quiz


I don’t want to sit in that ______ chair!

A. uncomfortable concrete grey

B. uncomfortable grey concrete

C. grey uncomfortable concrete

D. concrete uncomfortable grey

I want a ___________ bag for my birthday.

A. leather brown

B. brown leather

Which is in the correct order?

A. an old wooden square table

B. an old square wooden table

C. a square wooden old table

D. a wooden old square table

When I was in Florida, I saw a _______ lizard.

A. tiny green

B. green tiny

This is a/an _______ cat.

A. unfriendly brown old

B. old brown unfriendly

C. brown unfriendly old

D. unfriendly old brown

She wore a ___________ scarf.

A. silk green beautiful

B. beautiful silk green

C. green beautiful silk

D. beautiful green silk

James uses a __________________ bicycle to go to school every day.

A. expensive new silver

B. new expensive silver

C. silver new expensive

D. new silver expensive

The man has a ________________ umbrella.

A. rainbow plastic big

B. big rainbow plastic

C. plastic big rainbow

D. rainbow big plastic

Choose the correct order of the adjectives in this sentence:
The boy needs ________ balls for that activity.

A. five cotton small

B. five small cotton

My neighbor has a ________ baby.

A. cute little new

B. little new cute

C. cute new little

D. new little cute

He has a __________ clock.

A. wooden wonderful old

B. old wonderful wooden

C. wonderful old wooden

D. wonderful wooden old

Put the words in the correct order:

A. a new red fast Italian car

B. a red Italian fast new car

C. a fast new red Italian car

D. a Italian red fast new car

They live in a __________________ house.

A. large and white

B. white and large

C. large white


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