Grammar Quiz

Grammar and Essay Quiz


____ my dad is 80 years old , he can run 15 kilometers

A. but

B. although

C. however

My brother will ____ the table to eat .

A. pay

B. set

C. sink

D. see

A paragraph has: main idea / supporting idea /….

A. principal idea and conclusion

B. explanation and principal idea

C. explanation and examples

I am fat ____ I will start to do exercise tomorrow

A. although

B. since

C. so

An essay has 3 parts: Introduction, ____ and conclusion

A. supporting ideas

B. articles

C. body

My brother ____ when my sister entered

A. was watching tv

B. watched

C. will watch

I ____ to the mall last night

A. didn´t went

B. didn´t go

C. wasn´t go

My brother is very tall ____ he doesn´t play basketball well

A. however

B. although

C. f

I ____ tomorrow

A. travel

B. traveled

C. am going to travel

A main idea is a … idea

A. supporting

B. principal

C. conclusion

I have watched that movie ___

A. lately

B. yesterday

C. now

D. everyday

what is the supporting sentence?

A. English helps you to communicate

B. many people in the world speak it

The Titanic ____ many years ago

A. did

B. dug

C. sank

My sister has ____ the game 3 times

A. win

B. wins

C. won

He makes more money ____ he is a good worker

A. since

B. but

C. although

The Essay is ….

A. formal

B. informal

Yesterday I ____ to pay the electric bill

A. forgot

B. forget

C. forgotten

My computer ___ many programs

A. doesn´t has

B. has

C. isn´t have

My mom works every day _____ she sends information about the courses.

A. but

B. although

C. also

Peter has 6 children ____ he doesn´t have money

A. although

B. since

C. because


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