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Grammar and Structure Quiz


I suddenly remembered I ______ my wallet on the bus.  

A. leave

B. had left

C. have left

D. would leave

He —– Tim tommorrow.

A. is

B. meets

C. isn’t meeting

D. meet

Binh ______ to England to visit one of her cousins at the end of this month.  

A. went

B. has gone

C. goes

D. is going

I —— read the newspaper when I go to the bus station.

A. will go

B. will

C. is

D. be going to

In 1994, Celine Dion and Rene Angelil ________ at Notre Dame Basilica.

A. had married

B. married

C. marry

D. got married  

Celine Dion _______ to receive recognition for her talent in 1982.  

A. had begun

B. began

C. probably begins

D. would have begun

Before electricity was discovered, oil lamps _______.

A. used

B. has used

C. has been used

D. had been used  

I ________ the washing up before my mother came home.  

A. was doing     

B. did

C. had done       

D. must have done  

I ________ as a hotel receptionist from may 2001 to March 2002.

A. had worked

B. would work

C. worked

D. get used to working

The artist ______ his works in the Canter Gallery next month.  

A. exhibits

B. will exhibit

C. used to making

D. would exhibit

Spain _________ at one time a very powerful country.

A. was

B. is

C. has been

D. was being

There ______ a big demonstration along the streets on the previous Independence day.

A. has been

B. was

C. is  

D. will be  

After her husband’s accident, she ______ the sole breadwinner of the family.  

A. had beome

B. became

C. would become          

D. used to be

“Who ate all the cookies?” “Cuong _______.”

A. has

B. ate

C. did

D. had

On arriving at the airport, I was very worried to find that no one _____ for me.

A. was waiting

B. waits

C. waited  

D. is waiting  

Did you say that you _______ here only three days ago?

A. came

B. had come      

C. have come

D. come

The room smelled terrible. Someone _______ before I came.

A. had smoked

B. smoked

C. seem to smoke

D. would smoke

When he  _____, everyone ______.

A. arrived/ had left       

B. had arrived/ left       

C. would arrive/ leaves

D. arrived/ has left  

By the time they came, we ______ our dinner.  

A. had finished

B. finished

C. would finish

D. were finishing  

Sally was disappointed with the exam result. She _______ a bad mark before.  

A. had got          

B. have ever got

C. never had got

D. had never got


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