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Grammar and Vocabularies Quiz


Susan ——– dance. She has a broken leg.

A. must

B. ought to

C. couldn’t

D. can’t

He feels that his life is ——- danger.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. off

Are you for or ——- this proposition?

A. with

B. opposite

C. against

D. at

Nobel set ——- the famous peace prize.

A. up

B. off

C. out

D. at

My father is almost sixty. He —— next month.

A. is retiring

B. will retire

C. can retire

D. must retire

A vest in American English is the same as —— in British English.

A. shirt

B. T-shirt

C. jacket

D. waist coat

She hasn’t phoned me ——- a week.

A. in

B. since

C. for

D. last

He is afraid ——- the dog.

A. from

B. of

C. by

D. at

They walked and stopped in some ——– to have a rest.

A. shadow

B. shade

C. darkness

D. light

When I ———- up, I want to be an engineer.

A. build

B. age

C. trash

D. grow

When will they go ———- a walk?

A. at

B. in

C. for

D. off

The grey whale has become an endangered ————.

A. species

B. spices

C. spaces

D. spiced

If I ——- enough money, I would buy a laptop.

A. have

B. have had

C. had

D. had had

You could read the newspaper ——– the internet.

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. for

The pyramids are an important part of our cultural ———.

A. heritage

B. trade

C. traditional

D. city

If I ——– you, I would visit him.

A. am

B. was

C. were

D. would

——– she be doing that?

A. Ought

B. Should

C. Has

D. Did

This sport is called football in the UK and ——- in the US.

A. soccer

B. rugby

C. tennis

D. golf

It’s wrong. You ——- do that.

A. wouldn’t

B. shouldn’t

C. oughtn’t

D. may not

Do you ——- rubbish at home?

A. separate

B. package

C. store

D. reduce

A ——- is a person who works at a laboratory.

A. scientist

B. chef

C. nurse

D. mechanic

Our team hasn’t won ——– last July.

A. in

B. since

C. for

D. ago

How long ——- in Cairo?

A. do you live

B. have you lived

C. you have lived

D. did you lived

No one used ——— ways of teaching nowadays.

A. cultural

B. traditional

C. modern

D. ancient

The weather forecast says it ——– hot tomorrow.

A. should be

B. is being

C. will be

D. must be


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