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Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz


Something that stands out or is easily noticed is:

A. striking

B. circular

C. cylindrical

D. delicate

Stative verbs do not usually describe actions. They describe ___ (feelings, thought, etc).

A. movement

B. hobies

C. states

D. habits

Jamie has watched __________ movies than any of her sisters.

A. most

B. more

C. much

D. many

I _______________ to be home by eight tonight so that I can finish my homework before going to bed.

A. had

B. has

C. have

D. having

sth that has not been spoilt or harmed

_____ record/reputation/character

A. flawless

B. unblemished

C. impeccable

D. tedious

Should we order Italian or Chinese food?

…………………………… . I don’t mind.
A. None

B. All

C. Either

Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word “big”

A. narrow

B. huge

C. countless

D. multiple

impossible to prove wrong or argue against

_____ arguments/court case/alibi

A. harrowing

B. gripping

C. watertight

D. meteoric

The trip mightn’t have been so bad if it ________ (not rain) so much.

A. hadn’t rained 

B. had rained

C. has rained

I yielded to the temptation of sleeping comfortably on my bed and decided to ________

from work.

A. sag off

B. write off

C. dust off

D. bump off

The Ba Na are one of………………….. oldest ethnic minority groups.

A. the

B. a

C. an

‘” Nick is a very well behaveed child.”

” Yes, he always does what ______ . ”

A. he asks ro

B. he asked to

C. we ask to

D. we ask him to

” Why don’t we stay in a hotel? ”

” I’d rather stay somewhere _____ cook for ourselves.”

A. where we can

B. where can we

C. so we can

D. there we can

Sofia and I ____ to school this morning because we missed the bus.

A. walking

B. walked

C. walks

D. walk

He is as talkative as a _________ and often disrupts the class.

A. canary

B. nightingale

C. hawk

D. magpie

I think I did well in my speech last night……I’d had almost no sleep for 24 hours.

A. although

B. however

C. despite

D. because of

I finally got……to calling her yesterday.

A. up

B. round

C. in

These are ads for a movie, showing extracts of it.

A. reviews

B. season

C. trailers

D. subtitles

Which word is a preposition of time?

A. Near

B. Before

C. Through

D. Outside

Recording a music album is a long and complicated ________.

A. process

B. critical thinking

C. logical decision

ordinary, normal

_______ people/opinions/ ideas

A. mainstream

B. middle-of-the-road

C. conventional

D. run-of-the-mill

Change the modal without changing the meaning:


A. ought to

B. may

C. wasn’t able to

D. doesn’t need to

I practiced ______________ English with an American friend last night.

A. speak

B. spoke

C. speaking

D. to speak

What is a synonym of APPEAL TO?

A. attract

B. dislike

C. like

D. play in

Animals in the wild seem more ferocious than they really are.

A. silly

B. hairly

C. fierce

D. callous


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