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Grammar - Collective Nouns Quiz


They saw a _____________ of lions at the zoo.

A. gang

B. flock

C. pride

Don’t go near that _____________ of elephants!!

A. herd

B. group

C. flock

D. colony

A _______ of bees were collecting honey from the flowers in the jungle.

A. troop

B. group

C. swarm

D. gang

Aina’s friends bought her a ______ of flowers as her birthday present.

A. bouquet

B. bundle

C. bunch

D. basket

a ___________ of sharks

A. school

B. litter

C. murder

D. herd

A _____ of dancers is performing on the stage now.

A. team

B. group

C. gang

D. troupe

The ___________ of pupils are listening attentively to their teacher.

A. class

B. flock

C. collection

She got confused when she need to pick only one key in a _____ of keys to open that door.

A. bunch

B. bundle

C. collection

D. chest

A _______ of sheep was happily grazing in the field.

A. herd

B. gaggle

C. litter

D. school

Sufian bought a ____ of fruits to give his beloved teacher.

A. string

B. pride

C. basket

D. crew

The city was full by a ________ of people.

A. group

B. troop

C. gang

D. crowd

The __________ of wolves were hunting for their prey.

A. swarm

B. pack

C. school

D. herd

You can put the ____________ of tools in that box.

A. flock

B. bunch

C. set

A __________ of ants marched through the forest carrying leaves.

A. colony

B. swarm

C. gaggle

D. pride


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