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GRAMMAR - Could / Could not Quiz


We __________ in the lake because it was too cold. ( not swim)

A. could swim

B. couldn’t swim

__________ you ___________ the teacher? I couldn’t . He was talking too quietly. (hear)

A. Could, hear

B. Couldn’t, hear

C. Here, could

D. Here , couldn’t

We ____________ a cake because we didn’t have any eggs. (not make)

A. could make

B. couldn’t make

He __________ a bike before he was five. (ride)

A. couldn’t ride

B. could ride

Lady Gaga ________ the piano when she was four. (play)

A. could play

B. couldn’t play

I ___________ English when I was six. (speak)

A. could speak

B. couldn’t speak

Mary’s grandfather ________ play chess and he was the best !

A. could

B. couldn’t

_________ people _______ emails in the 1980s? (send)

A. Couldn’t , send

B. Could, send

C. Send, could

D. Send , couldn’t

We _________ open the door. It was locked from the inside!

A. could

B. couldn’t

My younger brother ___________ when he was one year old. (walk)

A. could , walk

B. couldn’t walk

___________ you ride a bicycle when you were six?

A. Could

B. Couldn’t

I ____________ when I was a small baby. ( not talk)

A. could talk

B. couldn’t talk

The band ___________ at the concert because the singer was ill. (not perform)

A. could perform

B. couldn’t perform

I ___________when I was seven. ( not swim)

A. could, swim

B. couldn’t swim

__________ you read when you were four?

A. Could

B. Couldn’t


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