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Grammar for IELTS Quiz


In the past we threw a lot of our kitchen waste away, but today, many items such as plastic bottles and newspapers ___

A. are recycled

B. recyle

C. need recycling

She ___ well at school but that changed when she became friends with a different group of girls.

A. did

B. had done

C. had been doing

Most university students ___ on campus in their first year.

A. lives

B. live

C. are living

Many children these days do not have a healthy diet. ___ is possible that this is because less healthy foods are cheaper than healthy ones.

A. What

B. That

C. It

The manager interviewed ___ candidates in turn.

A. each of the

B. each

C. every

I ___ want to be a practising doctor but now I’m more interested in research.

A. was used to

B. used to

C. would

Learning a foreign language is important because it helps you to understand other cultures better. ___ it can be a useful skill in many areas of work.

A. However,

B. Despite this,

C. In addition,

If the trend continues, the average income ___ by 107% by 2020.

A. will increase

B. will have increased

C. will be increasing

You should visit Bath. It’s ___ city.

A. a historical and interesting

B. a historical interesting

C. an interesting historical

Doctors have ___ us to cut down on salt in our diets if we want to reduce the risk of getting heart disease.

A. insisted

B. suggested

C. advised

You can base your geography assignment on ___ country – it doesn’t matter which.

A. a

B. some

C. any

While we’re working on the project our boss ___ on a beach in Greece!

A. will sit

B. will have sat

C. will be sitting

A recent goverment report has warned that ___ we act immediately to reduce pollution, there will be serious consequences for the planet.

A. provided that

B. in case

C. unless

The government has released some ___ data showing how schools are not providing an adequate education to our children.

A. shocking

B. shock

C. shocked

From this graph we can see that the economy ____ at the moment.

A. improves

B. improve

C. is improving

You really should go to Namibia. The scenery is ___ stunning and the people are very friendly.

A. very

B. fairly

C. absolutely

I don’t know whether to accept the job offer. It’s __

A. a difficult decision

B. the difficult decision

C. difficult decision

There were millions of people around the world ___ the football match on television.

A. watched

B. watching

C. were watching

I finished my essay yesterday but ___ it in to the tutor yet.

A. I’ve given

B. I haven’t given

C. I didn’t give

They ___ personal computers when my father was a student.

A. hadn’t

B. didn’t have

C. were having


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