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Grammar - Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Quiz


I love my pet dog, who is a very naughty and playful animal. Select the common nouns from this statement.

A. love, very

B. naughty, playful

C. dog, animal

D. I, my

The mountaineers believed that crossing the crevasse for full of danger as several others had perished in the effort. What type of rhetoric is used here?

A. ethos

B. pathos

C. logos

D. amigos

“March your way to good health and happiness, the Ultimate Gym is here!”

A. pathos

B. ethos

C. planos

D. logos

Is your dog full of beans? If not, buy Top Dog nutritious doggy treats. The rhetoric type here is –

A. ethos

B. logos

C. pathos

D. Stefanos

Your donation can make a difference to children needing ongoing hospital treatment. The persuasive device used here is:

A. emotive language, pathos

B. emotion, ethos

C. logic, logos

D. reasoning, logos

The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew

The furrow followed free – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The figurative speech used is:

A. Annotation

B. Alliteration

C. Adjectives

D. Assertion

This year’s City2Bay fun run will have over 20,000 participants.

Which type of language choice is used in this sentence?

A. exaggeration

B. evidence

C. anecdotes

D. alliteration

The oil slick across the bay has caused damage to all marine life, with tonnes of fish dead on the beaches and the pelicans struggling under the oily feathers. The language device used here is:

A. ethos

B. pathos

C. logos

D. grandiose

A lovely, lilting lyrical song, is just what I like! The figurative language used is:

A. limmerick

B. alliteration

C. lyrical

D. proliferate

Doctor Tran came for a home visit and checked Rufus; he prescribed some medication and a sick day from school. Select the proper nouns

A. Doctor Tran, Rufus

B. school, medication

C. Doctor Tran, prescribed

D. prescribed, checked

Select three verbs from: “I can never say what I want to; instead, verbal junk comes pouring out of my mouth.”

A. say, junk, verbal

B. say, want, comes

C. pouring, verbal, mouth

D. I, my, out


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