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Grammar on Conditionals Quiz


If I ____ you, I ____ there myself.

A. were, would go

B. were, go

C. was, would go

D. was, go

You will find a good job if you ____ well.

A. study

B. will study

C. studies

D. is studying

If he _____ on Friday, he _____ to go with us.

A. is working, won’t be able

B. working, won’t be able

C. is working, isn’t be able

D. working, isn’t be able

If I ______ the bus, I wouldn’t have been late for work.

A. hadn’t missed

B. hasn’t missed

C. haven’t missed

D. didn’t miss

If I ______ to bed early, I ______ a good sleep.

A. go, will have

B. will go, will have

C. will go, have

D. go, will has

If I ______ my car keys, I ______ a taxi.

A. hadn’t lost, wouldn’t have taken

B. hadn’t lose, wouldn’t have taken

C. hadn’t lost, wouldn’t taken

D. hadn’t lose, wouldn’t taken

He _____ this discovery if he hadn’t done precise calculations.

A. wouldn’t have made

B. won’t have made

C. wouldn’t make

D. wouldn’t made

If he _____ an extra pen, he _____ it to you.

A. had, would give

B. had, had given

C. has, will gave

D. had, would gave

If you _____ late for work, the boss _____ furious.

A. hadn’t been, wouldn’t have got

B. hadn’t been, wouldn’t got

C. weren’t, wouldn’t got

D. weren’t, wouldn’t have got

If we _____ abroad, we ____ to learn the language.

A. are going to live, will need

B. are going to live, will needs

C. are going to living, will need

D. are going to living, will needs

If you ____ Max, I ____ your best friend.

A. find, will be

B. will find, will be

C. find, am

D. will find, am

If I ____ a billionaire, I would buy an island.

A. were

B. was

C. am

D. is

If you _____ your car opened, it wouldn’t have been stolen.

A. hadn’t left

B. hasn’t left

C. haven’t left

D. wouldn’t have left


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