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Grammar-Present Continuous-Sentence Making Quiz


Make “Negative” sentence.

The dog play around.

A. The dog isn’t playing around.

B. The dog aren’t play around.

C. The dog not playing around.

Make “Negative” sentence.

I write a letter.

A. I not writing a letter.

B. I am not write a letter.

C. I am not writing a letter.

Is he flying a kite?

A. No, he is.

B. No, he isn’t.

C. Yes, we are.

Is the frog sitting on a chair?

A. Yes, they are.

B. Yes, it is.

C. No, we aren’t.

Make “Question”.

He play football.

A. Is he play football?

B. He playing football?

C. Is he playing football?

Make “Affirmative” sentence.

They swim in the pool.

A. They’re swimming in the pool.

B. They is swimming in the pool.

C. They’re swim in the pool.

Are your friends coming?

A. Yes, he is.

B. No, she isn’t.

C. Yes, they are.

Make “Negative” sentence.

The girl sing.

A. The girl is not sing.

B. The girl is not singing.

C. The girl not singing.

Make “Negative” sentence.

The horses run in the field.

A. The horses isn’t running in the field.

B. The horses aren’t running in the field.

C. The horses aren’t run in the field.

Make “Negative” sentence.

My friend come to visit.

A. My friend is not coming to visit.

B. My friend aren’t coming to visit.

C. My friend is not come to visit.

Make “Affirmative” sentence.

He eat a hamburger.

A. He is eat a hamburger.

B. He is eating a hamburger.

C. He eating a hamburger.

Make “Affirmative” sentence.

I run.

A. I am running.

B. I are running.

C. I am runing.

Is the dog swimming?

A. Yes, it is.

B. Yes, they are.

C. Yes, it isn’t.

Are you playing the piano?

A. No, we are.

B. No, we aren’t.

C. Yes, we do.

Are you going to school?

A. Yes, they are.

B. No, they aren’t.

C. Yes, I am.

Make A Question.

We study Math.

A. Are we studying Math?

B. Are we study Math?

C. Is we studying Math?

Make “Affirmative” sentence.

You ride a bike.

A. You’re riding a bike.

B. You are rideing a bike.

C. You are ride a bike.

Make “Affirmative” sentence.

Sally and I have an English class.

A. Sally and I are have an English class.

B. Sally and I having an English class.

C. Sally and I are having an English class.

Is Alice drinking water?

A. No, she isn’t.

B. Yes, we are.

C. No, I am not.

Make “Question”.

You do homework.

A. Are you doing homework?

B. You are doing homework?

C. Is you doing homework?


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