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Grammar / Pronouns Quiz


My sister dream that ________________ was flying like a bird.

A. we

B. he

C. she

D. me

I came to your house because I wanted to talk to _____________ urgently.

A. your

B. me

C. him

D. you

Please pass the book to ___________.

A. her

B. she

C. hers

D. herself

My friends made me join _____________ for a drink.

A. they

B. them

C. he

D. him

The old man wanted to cross the road, so I helped ___________

A. he

B. you

C. they

D. him

“Please help ________ to the food,” Puan Lisya told her guests.

A. herself

B. himself

C. yourselves

D. themselves

Have you seen Susan? I have not seen _____________ since last week.

A. him

B. his

C. she

D. her

Wilson has a puppy. _______ name is Brownie.

A. It

B. Its

C. He

D. His

Jane: Could I have that bottle of perfume?
Tim : Please help ____________.

A. myself

B. herself

C. himself

D. yourself

________ ought to finish their homework first before they go to the playground.

A. He

B. She

C. We

D. They

The football player hurt ________ knee.

A. he

B. his

C. him

D. himself

My friend and I joined the army. ____________ wanted to be soldiers.

A. Us

B. We

C. They

D. I

The gardener told _____________ not to play near the road but we did not listen.

A. we

B. you

C. us

D. them

Sue and Lina left __________ bags at the canteen.

A. his

B. her

C. our

D. their

Nomads are wanderers and ______________ do not have any fixed homes.

A. we

B. you

C. they

D. me

Rani and I are going camping. _____ are going next weekend.

A. We

B. You

C. She

D. They

John: Nina, is this book ________?
Nina: No, it is not __________?

A. your , mine

B. yours , mine

C. yours , my

D. your , my


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