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Grammar: Used to, Would, Be used to, Get used to Quiz


I ___ like crisps, but now I can’t stand them.

A. used to

B. would

I’m ___ living here.

A. being used to

B. getting used to

Eloise loved India, but she ___ the spicy food.

A. didn’t use to

B. couldn’t get used to

C. used to

It took me a long time to ___ the hot weather here.

A. be used to

B. get used to

She ___ live next door to me.

A. used to

B. would

It’s difficult, but ___ the food here.

A. we used to

B. we’re getting used to

My younger brother ___ a lot of biscuits, but now he prefers fruit.

A. used eating

B. used to eat

I ___ eat a lot of meat before I became a vegetarian.

A. was used to

B. am getting used to

C. used to

When I first arrived, I ___ all the noise from the street.

A. didn’t get used to

B. wasn’t used to

___ them now?

A. Are you used to

B. Do you get used to

We ___ having so much homework.

A. aren’t used to

B. didn’t use to

___ visit your grandparents a lot when you lived near them?

A. Did you use to

B. Did you get used to

___ this kind of food.

A. He’s not used to

B. He doesn’t get used to

They ___ eat a lot of fresh fish when they were on the island.

A. used to

B. were used to

I don’t think my grandparents ever ___ their new home out of town.

A. got used to

B. were used to

___ help prepare dinner when you were younger?

A. Did you get used to

B. Did you use to

C. Were you used to

___ his new healthy eating plan?

A. Did Haru use to

B. Is Haru used to

C. Is Haru getting used to

I ___ so tired in the mornings.

A. didn’t use to be

B. wouldn’t be

Sonia and Masha ___ the lunches at their new school.

A. are getting used to

B. used to

C. get used to

When I lived in London, I ___ visit the food markets every weekend.

A. would

B. use to

We ___ with our grandparents during the summer holidays.

A. would often stay

B. use often stay

Did your brother ___ living in a big city?

A. use to

B. get used to

My mum ___ know all my friends, but now she never meets any of them.

A. would

B. used to

I didn’t like spicy food before, but ___ to it now.

A. I used

B. I’m used

___ listen to programmes on the radio a lot?

A. Would your parents

B. Used your parents


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