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Grammar - Verb Forms Quiz


A: Did you manage to solve the maths problem?

B: Not yet…

A. Jane will help me later.

B. Jane is going to help me later.

C. Jane helps me later.

D. Jane will helps me later.

A: Mr. Smith, both printers in the computer lab are broken!

B: Don’t worry, by tomorrow afternoon, we ______________ new ones.

A. will install

B. will have installed

C. will be install

D. will installed

What science classes ___________________ last year?

A. you took

B. had you taken

C. did you take

D. have you took

Where are you? Sam and I ___________________ in the café for over an hour!

A. had been sitting

B. had sat

C. have been sitting

D. have sat

How do you think schools are changing in the future?



My friends were chilling while I was revising for the exam.



A: Oh no! I forgot my pen.

B: Don’t worry…

A. I will lend you one.

B. I am going to lend you one.

C. I am lending you one.

D. I lend you one.

Until yesterday, I ______________ 100 in a maths exam.

A. had never scored

B. never scored

C. have never scored

D. have scored never

I’m so glad it’s Friday! By this time tomorrow, I _______________ in class.

A. won’t be sitting

B. am going to be sitting

C. won’t have sat

D. will have been sitting

I ______________ to read the first few lines of her essay, and I immediately knew that someone else _________________ it.

A. had started / had written

B. start / have written

C. had started / wrote

D. started / had written

George ________________ any of his assignments for weeks.

A. have not turned in

B. hasn’t turned in

C. didn’t turn in

D. had not turned in

Zoe _____________________ this grammar point to me twice, but I still don’t understand it.

A. has already explained

B. has already been explaining

C. already explains

D. have already explain

Mr. Lowson is one of the most popular teachers here, but so far I ________________ only one class with him.

A. had

B. have had

C. had had

D. have

Everyone _________________ by the time I _______________ home last night.

A. already eats / get

B. has already / had got

C. had already eaten / got

D. already ate / had got

By the time we left school, the rain stopped.




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