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Lisa _______ Tom since their first day at school.

A. knew

B. has known

His parents want…………….him from playing video games.

A. banning

B. to ban

C. banned

D. ban

We have to ________ all our library books today.

A. return

B. buy

C. give

It looks like they _______ a laugh at the disco yesterday.

A. had

B. were

Jack is very __________ because his good friend moved away last week.

A. upset

B. embarrassed

I ate some ________ food when I was in Penang last week.

A. dirty

B. delicious

C. deep

Do you know the man _____ you met at the party yesterday?

A. what

B. which

C. whom

D. whose

But if you are a teenager who criticizes your parents for their … of technological awareness, don’t be too hard on them!

A. research

B. experiment

C. effect

D. lack

I often ______ with my sister when we were younger.

A. fight

B. fought

C. fights

Why don’t you apply for this job? It looks right _______ your street.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. up

What do you consider to be ______ ?

A. have fun

B. an exciting day out

Hung founds a movie club. People join this club because they are_____ watching movies

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. into

My parents ________ bicycles for all of us.

A. just bought

B. have just bought

I cut my _______ while I was slicing the bread.

A. finger

B. neck

C. heart

D. blood

E. back

Dad _______ home very late last night.

A. got

B. has got

The elderly often find using new technology … and difficult.

A. automatic

B. unique

C. sudden

D. complicated

He asked me where ……………

A. I study

B. did I study

C. do I study

D. I studied

______ you lie to your parents, I’m sure you’ll be in serious trouble.

A. If

B. As

C. So

I am going to the bank to ________ some money.

A. see

B. post

C. withdraw

I have known Chris _______ we started school together.

A. since

B. for

Last year, I ____________ in a contest after my parents encouraged me to do so.

A. participate

B. participated

C. was participating

D. have participated

I bought him a watch ________ his birthday.

A. In

B. by

C. for

D. with

Why don’t we ____ our parents with some DIY project? T think it is useful.

A. A. help

B. B. do

C. C. make

D. D. give

… my opinion, modern technology has improved all our lives.

A. In

B. On

C. With

D. From

Don’t make friends…………..strangers when you are online.

A. with

B. to

C. at

D. in


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