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Every year, millions of tourists ____ Madame Tussauds in London.

A. visit

B. visiting

C. visits

How long……………………at home? For ages.

A. do / stay

B. have / stayed

C. did/ stay

D. are/ staying

Which of the following is a compound noun?

A. government

B. postmaster

C. technologies

D. Benjamin Franklin

The fishermen _______ a lot of fish yesterday.

A. caught

B. catch

C. catches

Ahmad ____________ to karate class on Fridays to Mondays.

A. go

B. goes

It is now harder for new college ……………to find a good job than in the past.

A. classmates

B. experts

C. graduates

Last night, we __________ all busy preparing and planning a party to celebrate our grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

Last year, I _____ down during rodeo, ____ my arm and it ____ a lot for 6 months!

A. felt/bought/hurts

B. fell/broke/hurt

C. felt/broke/hurt

D. fell/bought/hurts

____ refers to upbringing, environment and education

A. Nurture

B. Nature

C. Culture

My father used to ………with Maths and Physics, but now he is an engineer.

A. bully

B. encourage

C. struggle

Amy can’t stand ………. aerobics; she prefers swimming.

A. to be doing

B. doing

C. having done

D. to do

Betty is _____________ girl. She will not heed anybody’s advice.

A. an amiable

B. a bashful

C. an obstinate

D. a determined

When a wolf _____________ to play, it dances about happily and bows.

A. wants

B. want

When he was little, my brother _____ broccoli because he hated it!

A. ate

B. didn’t eat

He _____________ his hobby with enthusiasm and energy.

A. preserves

B. collects

C. pursues

D. attains

Our parents have been married _______ fifteen years.

A. since

B. for

My best friend doesn’t mind………………….others.

A. help

B. helps

C. to help

D. helping


A. First person singular

B. Second person singular

C. Third person singular

D. First person plural

E. Second person plural

It looks like they _______ a laugh at the disco yesterday.

A. had

B. were

I _______

A. herself

B. himself

C. ourself

D. myself

After my brother had ____ the plane, he went home.

A. got on

B. got off

C. got up

D. got into

The architecture outside the building is decorative, but the ______ is very plain.

A. inside

B. appearance

C. surroundings

D. feature

E. foundations

When I feel off my bike and cut knee, a lot of _________ came out.

A. finger

B. neck

C. heart

D. blood

E. back

Even though it is weekend, he prefers_____books at home to_____out with friends.

A. read/ hang

B. reads/ hangs

C. reading/ hanging

D. to read/ to hang

I have ______ with math. My grades are always low.

A. difficulty

B. compete

C. solution

D. control


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