Grammar Quiz

Have as verb and auxiliary Quiz


Harry _____ to provide security for his family, so he moved to LA.

A. have get

B. have had

C. has

D. had

We ________ a lot of fun during the holidays!

A. have have

B. have has

C. have had

D. has had

In case of emergency you _____ to stay calm!

A. have got

B. had got

C. has got

D. have been having

They _________ to go now.

A. had

B. have had

C. have

D. has

You _____ to get a new haircut!

A. have

B. had got

C. has got

D. had get

The children ​​ ​ ​ a great time at Christmas in Hawaii.

A. have had

B. have have

C. has had

D. have been having

How long _______ fever?

A. had you have

B. have you have

C. have you been having

D. has you have

My mother ______ bad headaches lately.

A. has had been having

B. have been having

C. has been having

D. had been having

Meghan and Harry _____ two children.

A. have have

B. have had

C. have been having

D. has had

The students _______ their cameras on all the time.

A. have to

B. have got to have

C. have had

D. have haven´t

You _______ to know how to play hockey.

A. haven´t

B. doesn´t had

C. didn´t had

D. don´t have

My parents _______ a wonderful time in New York last month.

A. had

B. have

C. will have

D. have had

He ______ any vacation for two years.

A. hasn´t had

B. haven´t had

C. hasn´t have

D. didn´t have

We _________ a new puppy at home!

A. have had

B. has

C. had

D. have

Unfortunately, i ____ any money left for presents.

A. haven´t have

B. hadn´t had

C. haven´t had

D. didn´t have


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