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Infinitive or Gerund Quiz


a) I can’t say that I’m proud of … houses but I think it’s a normal job.
b) I had no time … my house last summer so I’m going to do it this year.

A. a) painting
b) to paint

B. a) painting
b) painting

C. b) to paint
a) painting

D. a) to paint
b) to paint

I urge you ………. Our offer is the best you’re going to get in this housing market.

A. reconsider

B. to reconsider

C. reconsiders

D. reconsidering

a) I have no money to buy a ticket so I want … to Moscow.
b) You should avoid … alone. It is dangerous.

A. a) to hitchhike
b) to hitchhike

B. a) to hitchhike
b) hitchhiking

C. a) hitchhiking
b) hitchhiking

D. a) hitchhiking
b) to hitchhike

Have you ever thought of ___ your own fruit and vegetables?

A. growing

B. to grow

C. grow

Dave agreed ___ his friends at the café tomorrow evening.

A. to meeting

B. meet

C. to meet

David allows ……… in his house. My children, on the other hand, are not allowed to use bad language in our home.

A. swears

B. to swear

C. swore

D. swearing

She finished ……… the report at 5 pm.

A. wrote

B. writing

C. writes

D. write

a) I always get tired of little children so I hate … .
b) I have … with my neighbour’s child in the summer because I wanted to earn some money.

A. a) babysitting
b) to babysit

B. a) babysitting
b) babysitting

C. a) to babysit
b) babysitting

D. a) babysitting
b) babysitting

It’s important _____________ on time for classes.

A. to be

B. being

C. be


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