Infinitives Quiz


Society expects you __________ the law.
A. to obeying
B. to obeys
C. to obey

The employees ___________ get another raise.
A. deserves to get
B. deserve to get

What seems …… the problem?

A. bee

B. be

C. to be

D. to bee

*Identify the infinitive in each sentence.
The clowns for the party were beginning to arrive.
A. The clowns
B. to arrive
C. the party
D. were beginning

What is the infinitive phrase in the following sentence?

In the mall, we want to walk quickly to the food court.
A. to walk

B. to the food court

C. In the mall

D. to walk quickly to the food court


I need to get some sleep.
A. I need

B. to get

C. some sleep

D. get some

Jenny offered …… me some money

A. to lend

B. to len

C. lend

D. lent

What is the infinitive in the following sentence?

When Misty learned to drive, she took her little brother to the park on weekends.
A. to the park

B. to drive

C. took her little brother

D. to the park on weekends


Mrs. Jackson wants to swim.
A. to swim

B. Mrs. Jackson wants

C. wants to

D. wants swim

Can you ….. a postcard to NY?

A. sent

B. to send

C. send

D. to sent


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