Grammar Quiz

Infinitives Quiz


We decided not …… on a trip

A. go

B. not go

C. not to go

D. to go

My sister and I have agreed
A. to share the profits.
B. to sharing the profits
C. to shared the profits

My father wanted me ________  a pilot.

A. become

B. to become       

C. becoming   

D. became

What is the infinitive phrase in the following sentence?

In the mall, we want to walk quickly to the food court.
A. to walk

B. to the food court

C. In the mall

D. to walk quickly to the food court

You had better ______  at home until you feel better

A. staying

B. stayed

C. to stay

D. stay

We ___________ pronounce many new words in this class.
A. has learned to
B. have learned to
C. learn to

Jenny offered …… me some money

A. to lend

B. to len

C. lend

D. lent


Sandra’s deepest desire was to perform.
A. Sandra’s deepest

B. deepest desire

C. to perform

D. was to

Can you ….. a postcard to NY?

A. sent

B. to send

C. send

D. to sent

Alone at home, Jenna suddenly heard somebody ________________ outside the window.

A. speaks

B. spoke

C. spoken

D. speak


Mrs. Jackson wants to swim.
A. to swim

B. Mrs. Jackson wants

C. wants to

D. wants swim

Father saw the glass ________________ to the ground.

A. fall

B. fell

C. falls

D. fallen

We may ________ home after we finish picking up litter.

A. return

B. to return

C. returning 

D. returns


I need to get some sleep.
A. I need

B. to get

C. some sleep

D. get some

I can’t read when I am traveling. It makes me ____  sick.

A. feels

B. to feel

C. feel

D. feeling

“Did you _______ my rainbow-coloured bunny?” the little girl asked her sister.

A. hide

B. hid

C. hides

D. hidden

Mrs Tan asked John if he could ___________ to the supermarket to buy groceries for her.

A. went

B. gone

C. goes

D. go

If you climb to the highest point of the hill, you will _________ the beautiful stars in the night sky.

A. see

B. saw

C. sees

D. seen

“Please ________________ to turn off the lights before leaving the house,” Mother told me.

A. remembers

B. remember

C. remembered

D. remembering

What seems …… the problem?

A. bee

B. be

C. to be

D. to bee

________________ the bed when you wake up every morning.

A. Make

B. Makes

C. Making

D. Made

We knew Jess liked to ______ her shoes right after exercising.

A. cleaned

B. cleaning

C. clean

D. cleans

*Identify the infinitive in each sentence.
Mrs. Jackson wants to swim.
A. to swim
B. Mrs. Jackson wants
C. wants to
D. wants swim

Why does Lisa __________ so much money in her wallet?

A. has

B. have

C. had

D. had had

Kelly does ______________ how to get to the theme park, doesn’t she?

A. knows

B. knew

C. known

D. know


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