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Infinitives and Gerunds Quiz


I look forward to _____________you when I come next week.

A. seeing

B. to see

We finally managed___________my passport and then left for the airport.

A. finding

B. to find

You shoule practise _________ every day or you’ll never learn.

A. juggling

B. to juggle

Our head teacher makes us all ____________ jackets – even in summer.

A. wearing

B. wear

C. to wear

My mom suggested _______ bowling, but I didn’t think that was a good idea.

A. going

B. to go

Don’t let the children __________ late in the evening.

A. going out

B. go out

C. to go out

Kevin will do anything to avoid _________ to school. He’s so lazy.

A. walking

B. to walk

I really enjoyed _____________ to those MP3s you sent me. Thanks.

A. listening

B. to listen

It was very kind of Jack to offer _________ this weekend.

A. to baby-sit

B. baby-sitting

No, I refuse ___________ a moment longer!

A. waiting

B. to wait

The weather seems ________ better. What about a picnic this weekend?

A. being

B. to be

How did you learn __________ Japanese so well?

A. speaking

B. to speak

My dad finally gave up _____________ at the age of forty-five.

A. smoking

B. to smoke

I thought we discussed _____________ to India and now you want to go to China.

A. going

B. to go

I hope to start __________ as soon as I’m seventeen.

A. driving

B. to drive

Can you afford _________so many presents?

A. buying

B. to buy

I really like __________ New York one day.

A. visiting

B. to visit

I expect ________ home at nine o’clock, so have dinner without me.

A. to be

B. being

He tried to deny ___________ the money, but no one believed him.

A. take

B. to take

C. taking


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