Grammar Quiz

Infinitives and ING Forms Quiz


My mom is thinking of… shopping

A. To go out

B. Going out

He suggestted … the technology for other forms to transport.

A. to use

B. using

C. to use or using

_______ is the most difficult task on the exam for me.

A. listen

B. listens

C. listening

They’ve agreed …. solar panels on the school roof to save energy.

A. to put

B. putting

C. to put or putting

_______ downtown is very expensive.

A. Live

B. Living

Steve decided ….. a plane around the world.

A. to fly

B. fying

C. fly and flying

_______ up in the country was great.

A. Grew

B. Growing

Do you remember …… her at the party.

A. to meet

B. meet

C. meeting

D. met

She always forgets _____________ her homework on time.

A. to do

B. doing

I enjoy ….. about science .

A. to read

B. reading

C. to read or reading

I was looking forward to ….. her.

A. seeing

B. see

C. to see

D. saw

When I finish _____ this letter, I will come and help you

A. To write

B. Write

C. Writing

How does a Gerund form ?

A. adding ed to the verb

B. none

C. adding ing to the verb

D. subtract ing to the verb

How do you identify an Infinitive in English ?

A. they begin with “to”

B. none

C. the ending

D. the root

This book is about….. the computer.

A. use

B. used

C. using


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