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Infinitives for reasons Quiz


OK. So, _____________ to eat on the trains? I mean, can you get dinner?
Oh, yeah. And _______ nice _________. They have restaurant cars on the train.

A. is it possible/ it’s/ to do

B. it is possible/ it is / to do

C. is it possible/ not is/ to do

D. is it possible/ it is/ not to do

I hope we can go to the beach___________volleyball.

A. For playing

B. for play

C. To play

D. To playing

Last night, I went online___________a flight. Luckily, I found one right away.

A. To find

B. Finding

C. To finding

D. To found

I really want to go to Central Park __________ ice skating.

A. To go

B. To get going

C. To going

D. for going

So, _______ important ________a seat? You know, before you get on the train?
Well, sometimes the trains are busy. And it’s__________ a window seat. So, yeah.

A. it is / to reserve/ nice to

B. is it/ to reserve/ nice to have

C. is it/ reserving/ not nice to have

D. it is / to reserving/ nice to have

So, ________cheap _________ the train?

A. is it/ to take

B. is it/ taking

C. it is/ to take

D. is it / tak to

Then in August, I’m coming back home____________to school.

A. Going to

B. Go to

C. To get going

D. To go

_________ easy _________ around Europe by train?

A. It’s/getting

B. Is it/ to get

C. It is / to get

D. Is it / getting to

Next week, I’m going to Brazil__________ my friend Luis

A. Seeing

B. To see

C. To seeing

D. To saw

It’s cold in New York. I looked online _________ on the weather.

A. To chek

B. To cheking

C. To check

D. Checking

I have to go shopping after class__________my grandmother a present.

A. For buy

B. To buy

C. To buying

D. Buying

Oh, yeah. It’s not hard to find cheap rail passes.

A. is it/ to find

B. it’s not/ finfing to

C. it’s / finding

D. it’s not/ to find

I’m going to New York __________ her this weekend.

A. To visit

B. For visiting

C. Visiting

D. To visiting

You see, I want to go shopping tomorrow____________some new clothes.

A. To bay

B. To buy

C. To buying

D. Buying

I also have to go to the bank __________ some money.

A. To exchanging

B. For change

C. To changing

D. To change

I called Luis _________ on the weather in July.

A. For checking

B. To cheking

C. Checking

D. To check

She went to live there last year__________ English.

A. To learned

B. To learn

C. To regain

D. Learning


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