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-ing &-ed Adjectives Quiz


We have been studying Science for about 5 hours. And we get really …

A. boring

B. bored

Jennie teaches young children. It is a hard job.
Sometimes, she often finds her job …..

A. exhausting

B. exhausted

My brother invite me to watch a horror movie. We got really ….. during the movie played.

A. frightening

B. frightened

Dad bought me a new motorcycle because I won an English speech competition. It was very ….

A. surprising

B. surprised

My friend always told me about her problem.
But she didn’t let me to share mine.
For me, she is a ….. person.

A. boring

B. bored

Sometimes, our teacher gives us games or asks us to dance during the teaching and learning activities. We think that she is an ….. person.

A. interesting

B. interested

Today, I have a lot of works to do.
Ooh.. it is …..

A. tiring

B. tired

My nephew got a perfect score on his English examination. Our family really ….. of him.

A. amazing

B. amazed

I have spent 2 hours waiting for my lunch order ready.
But, the waitress told me that all their menus were sold out.
Hmmm.. I was very ….. with their service.

A. disappointing

B. disappointed

Today, I asked my students to join a web meeting in order that I can explain our today’s material to them. But no one joined. I am very ….. to them.

A. disappointing

B. disappointed

In my point of view, studying English grammar rules makes me …..

A. frustrating

B. frustrated

My little sister hugged a stranger thinking that it was our Mom. She told me that she was really …..

A. embarrassing

B. embarrassed

My work partner didn’t care about our team’s work which should be submitted soon. He is very ….. partner.

A. annoying

B. annoyed

Eiffel Tower is very tall. it is …..

A. amazing

B. amazed

We were all ….. when we heard about the disaster

A. horrifying

B. horrified


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