Grammar Quiz

Let & Be allowed to Quiz


She’s big enough to be __________ do the laundy. Her parents ________ her do it alone.

A. allowed to – let

B. let be – allowed to

C. allowed to – lets

Nobody ___________ to travel abroad during quarantine.

A. were let

B. was let

C. was allowed

D. were allowed

I’m not _____________ talk about this now.

A. let

B. allowed to

C. allow to

D. lets

You _________ allowed to sleep late.

A. isn’t

B. let

C. aren’t

D. be

Her dad ____________ her paint her room.

A. don’t let

B. let

C. doesn’t let

D. is allowed to

They’ll never _______ me go to Paris by myself.

A. lets

B. can

C. let

D. allow

My boss ___________ anyone miss a day.

A. doesn’t let

B. doesn’t let to

C. don’t let to

D. don’t let

Do you _______ me go out, mum?

A. lets

B. allow

C. make

D. let

Does your mom ___________ you go to the concert?

A. let

B. lets

C. allow

D. allows

We’re all allowed to ___________ the house.

A. going outside

B. goes outside

C. go outside

D. to go outside

My parents don’t ______ me brush my teeth and walk around the house.

A. let to

B. allowed

C. allowed to

D. let

I’m not _____________ stay out late.

A. let to

B. allowed to

C. allowed too

D. lets to

He isn’t ________ eat meat.

A. lets

B. allowed to

C. let

D. allowed

My brother ___________ drive his car.

A. aren’t allowed to

B. let me

C. lets me

D. isn’t allowed


A. have the same meaning and same grammar rules

B. have the same meaning but different grammar rules (LET goes without TO)


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