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You’d better save some money for a rainy day. You can’t count on ______ by your parents every time you get into financial difficulty.

A. rescuing  

B. being rescued

C. to rescue

D. to be rescued

“I need the edited article on my desk by 2 pm, please.” – “No problem. I ______ it by then.”

A. will finish

B. am finishing  

C. had finished

D. will have finished

Rita _____ getting up early. She finds it difficult.

A. isn’t used to  

B. is used to  

C. has a habit of

D. is always

In fact, to move at any speed the polar bear uses ______ do most other mammals.

A. twice energy more than  

B. more than twice energy

C. twice as much energy as    

D. much as twice energy as

______, they slept soundly.

A. Hot though was the night air

B. Hot though the night air was

C. Hot as was the night air

D. Hot although the night air was

Helen was ______ disappointed when she learned that she hadn’t won the beauty contest.

A. seriously

B. bitterly

C. strongly

D. heavily

Personal _____ is very important in the kitchen – like washing hands before touching food.

A. cookery  

B. recipe  

C. ingredient  

D. hygiene

When we got off the bus, the tour guide told us to _____ of pickpockets.

A. beware

B. warn

C. compete

D. distinguish

______ appears considerably larger at the horizon it does overhead is merely an optical illusion.

A. The Moon 

B. That the Moon

C. When the Moon

D. The Moon which

Some of famous ____ in Southern Viet Nam are Hu Tieu Nam Vang, Bun Mam, fried rice, flour cake, and many kinds of puddings.

A. stapes  

B. ingredients

C. foods

D. dishes

His eyes were _____ bad that he couldn’t read the number plate of the car in front.

A. such  

B. very

C. so

D. too

I cannot be denied that fireworks are a serious fire ______.

A. accident  

B. mishap

C. danger

D. hazard

“I didn’t see Tom at the party last night.” – “Oh, there was a chocolate fair in the mall. A chocoholic like him _____ there.”

A. would have gone  

B. might be

C. can have gone   

D. must have been

You promised to have a day off and go camping with us and you were at work until midnight this Sunday. I would rather you ______ your word.

A. keep

B. would have kept

C. had kept

D. kept

Skillful band-weaving techniques of the local _____ make Dinh An sedge mats a wonderful souvenir for visitors.

A. artefacts

B. artisans

C. artists  

D. actors

There’s _____ use in complaining. They probably won’t do anything about it.

A. a few  

B. a little

C. no

D. some

I went shopping on the last day of the sales, _____ most of the bargains had disappeared.

A. in which event  

B. in which case

C. during which  

D. by which time

You’d better not place a bet on Stallion. In my opinion, the horse doesn’t ______ a chance of winning the race.

A. win

B. stand

C. rise

D. play

The tin opener seemed _____ for left-handed people.

A. designing

B. being designed  

C. to design

D. to be designed

My sister asked me _____ to use the new washing machine.

A. why   

B. where

C. how  

D. what

Terry is a very imaginative boy. He always _____ interesting ideas.

A. keeps out of

B. look downs on

C. comes up with   

D. goes in for

_____ the minister will quit over the issue remains to be seen.

A. providing

B. Supposing

C. Whether   

D. If

______, the soil of the hill has been washed away.

A. Ploughed up and down for a long time  

B. Ploughed for a long time up and down

C. Ploughing up and down for a long time  

D. Ploughing for a long time up and down

Teen Second Life is a kind of computer game where you leave your real life behind and enter the world of _____ reality.

A. website

B. virtual

C. online

D. interactive

Children in large families learn how to get _____ with other people.

A. across

B. through  

C. along

D. away


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