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Mixed Conditionals Quiz


If you ____ dad’s car without permission last night, you might be in trouble.

A. took

B. would have taken

C. ‘d taken

She ____ that cake unless she ____ really hungry.

A. would eat + was

B. won’t eat + was

C. wouldn’t eat + was

D. wouldn’t eat + were

If I had met Messi at the airport

A. I would post the photo on Instagram

B. I will tell all my friends

C. I had posted the photo on facebook

D. I can tell all my friends

Anne ____ able to finish the assignment if she ____ the book.

A. would had been + was reading

B. would have been + had read

C. will read + had read

If it ______ in Don Benito, we will be surprised.

A. is snowing

B. snows

C. had been snowing

D. snow

I am where I am today because you helped me. I _____ where I am today if you hadn’t helped me.

A. wouldn’t have been

B. hadn’t been

C. weren’t

D. wouldn’t be

If you weren’t such a jerk, they ____ you to yesterday’s party.

A. would have invited

B. would invite

C. had invited

You would feel better

A. if you felt good

B. if you are in hospital

C. if you have gone to hospital

D. if you had gone to the doctor

If I ____ you, I ____ texting him.

A. am + will stop

B. were + would stop

C. were + stop

D. would be + stop

He says he’s your friend, but he didn’t help you. If he were your friend, he _____ you.

A. had helped

B. would have helped

C. would help

D. helped

If you had caught that plane

A. you would be dead now

B. you will be dead now

C. I can be dead now

D. I was dead now

I ____ sing if you ____ me.

A. won’t + didn’t look at

B. won’t + look

C. won’t + don’t look at

D. shouldn’t + don’t look at

When do we use second conditional?

A. Future possibilities

B. imaginary situations in the past

C. imaginary situations in the present

D. past conditions with present consequences

I ___ better results if I ____ more.

A. would get / studied

B. had get + study

C. will get + studied

D. get + will study

___ it ____ if we ____ the car?

A. Would + have happened + hadn’t sold

B. Did + happened + hadn’t sold

C. Would + have happened + didn’t sell

I would be happier if I ____ ‘yes’ when she asked me to marry her.

A. had said

B. said

C. would say

If I wasn’t afraid of spiders,

A. I would have picked it up.

B. I would go with you.

C. I may study medicine.

D. I would have screamed.

I didn’t know that you were there because I’m not a psychic. I _____ that you were there if I was a psychic.

A. would have known

B. had known

C. would know

D. knew

If I had more time, I ____ you last night.

A. would have called

B. called

C. would call

If we had looked at the map

A. we will be lost.

B. we can be lost.

C. we wouldn’t be lost.

D. we had been lost.

Our mother wouldn’t be angry

A. if we had broken the glass

B. if we hadn’t broken the glass

C. if we will break the glass

D. if we study more

I’m afraid of flying. If I ____ of flying we’d have travelled by plane.

A. wouldn’t have been

B. hadn’t been

C. wasn’t afraid

If I ____ you were going to come, I ____ a cake.

A. had know + will eat

B. had known + would have made

C. knew + would have made

I could be a millionaire now

A. if I was rich

B. if I invest in that company

C. If I would invest in a new platform.

D. if I had invested in a new platform.

When do we use Mixed Conditionals? (2nd and 3rd)

A. past conditions with present consequences

B. present conditions with present consequences

C. facts

D. past conditions with past consequences


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