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Modal and Relative Phrases Quiz


I take pity on him. I…….help him.

A. must

B. have to

my mom ________ me tidy my roo every Saturday

A. lets

B. makes

C. allows

I’m going to wash the car now. I was _____ it yesterday but I didn’t feel like it. (do)

A. supposed do

B. suppose to do

C. supposed to

D. supposed to do

_____ get your phone fixed? It looked very broken!

A. Did you manage to

B. Could you

You look terrible. You should… the doctor.

A. go

B. going

C. to go

D. gone

They didn’t ____ anyone to go.

A. made

B. allow

C. allowed

D. let

I …..submit the test on time because the teacher will not receive it if it is late.

A. must

B. have to

Our teacher _______________ us stay late yesterday because we hadn’t finished our work.

A. made

B. allowed

C. let

Sssh! You _______________ talk in the library.

A. let

B. make

C. ‘re not allowed to

D. ‘re allowed to

It’s weekend time! I enjoy ____________ watch my favorite series.

A. can

B. could

C. be able to

D. being able to

E. to be able to

Which sentence shows advice / suggestion?

A. You mustn’t smoke.

B. You should have your health checked.

C. Would you possibly do me a favor?

D. You can do it, don’t you?

Luckily, I _____ get to the airport on time, despite the traffic.

A. managed to

B. could


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