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Modal Auxiliaries Quiz


“_________ taking me downtown on your way to work this morning?”

“Not at all”

A. Can you

B. Why don’t you

C. Would you mind

D. Could you please

This calculator isn´t mine. it _______ yours

A. should been

B. have to be

C. would be

D. must be

“It ________ rain this evening. Why don’t you take an umbrella?”

“That’s a good idea. May I borrow yours?”

A. had better

B. could be

C. must

D. might

We´re going to buy pizza. You _______ dinner.

A. doesn´t have to prepare

B. didn´t had to prepare

C. don´t have to prepare

D. doesn´t has to prepare

It is dangerous to run across the road. You _____ look to your left and right before crossing the road.

A. may

B. must

C. can

D. will

You look as if you are having trouble with your homework. ____ you like me to help you with it?

A. Can

B. Will

C. Shall

D. Would

“Why are you so sure that Ann didn’t commit the crime she’s been accused of committing?”

“She ________ that crime because I was with her, and we were out of town on that day.”

A. may not have committed

B. wasn’t supposed to commit

C. committed

D. couldn’t have committed

why ____ he ________ last night? because he will have an English exam.

A. did– had to study

B. do — have to studies

C. did — have to study

D. did — have to studied

When he was young, he ________ swim very well. He won medals and championships!

A. had to

B. could

C. might

D. can

_______I_______ your telephone. I need to make a call.

A. must – use

B. may – uses

C. may – use

D. has to – use

____Henry_______ in hotel when he came to Mexico? Yes, he had to

A. Did have to stay

B. Did have stay

C. Did has to stay

D. Does has to stay

Mr. Gonzalez is the owner of the company. He _____________________ here every day.

A. Couldn’t be

B. Must be

C. Could be

D. have to be

It’s wet and windy outside today. You ________ go out without an umbrella.

A. shouldn’t

B. don’t have to

C. won’t

D. must

What would you say to the girl?

A. You can walk in the manhole!

B. You would like to fall in the manhole!

C. You should watch where you are going!

D. You would rather fall in the manhole!

I can’t go to movies with you. I  ________my homework.      

A. couldn’t finish

B. Have to finish

C. Has to finish

D. have to finished

Peter has an exam tomorrow, He ________tonight.

A. had to studied

B. has to study

C. has to studies

D. have to study

_____ you solve this puzzle? I can’t.

A. Can

B. Should

C. May

D. Do

Jack might go to the party.

A. A preference

B. A desire

C. a possiblity

D. Past ability

_____ I borrow the book for the weekend? I shall return it on Monday.

A. Should

B. Must

C. May

She________ the doctor yesterday.

A. has to saw

B. have to see

C. had to see

D. has to seen

We ______ any reservations when we went to Cancun. There weren´t many tourist.

A. has to make

B. have to make

C. didn´t had to make

D. didn´t have to make

“How long have you been married?”

“We __________ have been married for 23 years on our next anniversary.”

A. must

B. should

C. could

D. will

She ___________ to school tomorrow. It´s Saturday.

A. don´t have to go

B. have to go

C. doesn´t have to go

D. didn´t has to go

_____ you _____ English 3? yes, I do

A. Do – has to take

B. Does – have to take

C. Do – have to take

D. Does – has to take

“Larry drove all night to get here for his sister’s wedding. He ________ exhausted by the time he arrived.”

“He was.”

A. ought to be

B. could be

C. must have been

D. will have been


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