Modal Auxiliaries Quiz


_____ I borrow the book for the weekend? I shall return it on Monday.

A. Should

B. Must

C. May

It is dangerous to run across the road. You _____ look to your left and right before crossing the road.

A. may

B. must

C. can

D. will

The past tense of CAN is what?

A. Have to

B. Might

C. Would

D. Could

What would you say to the girl?

A. You can walk in the manhole!

B. You would like to fall in the manhole!

C. You should watch where you are going!

D. You would rather fall in the manhole!

When he was young, he ________ swim very well. He won medals and championships!

A. had to

B. could

C. might

D. can

Jack might go to the party.

A. A preference

B. A desire

C. a possiblity

D. Past ability

_____ you solve this puzzle? I can’t.

A. Can

B. Should

C. May

D. Do

It’s wet and windy outside today. You ________ go out without an umbrella.

A. shouldn’t

B. don’t have to

C. won’t

D. must

Don’t worry, I _____ take care of you.

A. can

B. will

C. must

D. would

You look as if you are having trouble with your homework. ____ you like me to help you with it?

A. Can

B. Will

C. Shall

D. Would


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