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Modals and Conditionals Quiz


Whats the formula for the Zero Conditional

A. IF + past tense + simple present

B. IF + Simple present + Simple present

C. Simple Present + IF + Simple past

What _______ you do if you can’t sleep tonight?

A. will

B. might

C. run

D. may

If I want to express Certainty or security which modal should I use?

A. may

B. might

C. will

What modal would you use to express certainty in this case?

El boza ____ keep earning a lot of money for his music.

A. might

B. may

C. will

D. won’t

If I want to express certainty in a negative manner, which modal is better?

A. will

B. won’t

C. may not

What’s the formula for the first conditional?

A. If + Simple present + will

B. If + Simple present + past

C. If + Simple past + will

Complete the sentence with the correct zero conditional ending:

“If you want to come,”

A. will not call me

B. call me before 5:00.

C. didn’t call me

If you freeze water,

A. it becomes a juice.

B. it becomes a solid.

C. it becomes a rock

D. it becomes a fluid

If my friend _____(to be) angry, her face always ______(to go) red.

A. to be/ go

B. are/ goes

C. is/ go

D. is/ goes

I ________________________ (do exercise), if it’s a nice day tomorrow.

A. I will do exercise, if it’s a nice day tomorrow.

B. I do exercise, if it’s a nice day tomorrow.

If the phone …. broken, I will use it to call you.

A. does

B. doesn’t

C. is

D. isn’t

If Melissa _______(not finish) her homework, She _______ (go) out later.

A. don’t / will not go’

B. hasn’t / might

C. doesn’t / will not go

If she____ (eat) a lot of fats, she_______________(have) heart problems.

A. If she will not eat a lot of fats, she has heart problems.

B. If she eat a lot of fats, she have heart problems.

C. If she eats a lot of fats, she will have heart problems.

If you don’t wash your hands before eating, ….

A. they are happy

B. The virus may get into your disgestive.

C. the virus is gone

D. the bacteria will be demolished


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