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Modals and Phrases Quiz


She has the _____ to learn languages really quickly.

A. ability

B. success

C. achievement

I like living in the city centre because I _____ walk to work.

A. managed to

B. can

C. could

Your sister speaks English really well. _____ speak it as well as she does?

A. Could you

B. Can you

C. Have you been able to

The banks are all closed now, but don’t worry; _____ change some money tomorrow morning.

A. you’ll be able to

B. you could

C. you were able to

When I have children, I _____ teach them to swim.

A. managed to

B. could

C. ‘ll be able to

When I was younger, I was _____ to become an actor. I acted in a few adverts, but I didn’t get any big roles.

A. positive

B. determined

C. successful

By the time he was seven, _____ speak four languages fluently.

A. he can

B. he could

C. he’s been able to

Kayla’s _____ piano player. She’s the best student in her music class.

A. an intelligent

B. a bright

C. a talented

Running 20 marathons in less than a month was an incredible _____.

A. success

B. achievement

C. attitude

He missed the last bus, but fortunately he _____ find a taxi to take him back to the hotel.

A. could

B. can

C. was able to

He _____ practise with the band since he started his new job.

A. wasn’t able to

B. won’t be able to

C. hasn’t been able to

Rick didn’t use to be a good swimmer, but he trained hard and won an important race. Now he’s a _____!

A. successful

B. success

C. talented


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