Grammar Quiz

Modals and Semi-Modals Quiz


When he was younger, he _____ play the piano very well.

A. wasn’t able to

B. can

C. could

I____ I borrow your pencil for a minute?

A. Should

B. Can

C. Am I able

You ___ join the photography club.

A. must

B. can

C. mustn’t

____ go to summer camp next weekend?

A. Do we have to

B. Couldn’t we

C. Did we

His football boots aren’t here so he _____ in the park.

A. must be

B. can’t be

C. might be

He ____ take a racket; I’ve got an extra one.

A. doesn’t have to

B. couldn’t

C. may not

Excuse me, Mr. Jenkins. _____ you help me with my sculpture?

A. Should

B. Could

C. Must

You ____ spent time outside more.

A. might

B. must

C. should

You ____ bring your passport here tomorrow so we can check it.

A. need

B. must

C. ought

Mum told me I ___ stay up so late watching TV.

A. don’t have to

B. shouldn’t

C. must

You ____ go swimming today.

A. mustn’t

B. aren’t able to

C. shouldn’t

You ____ shout at your teammates! It’s wrong!

A. may not

B. mustn’t

C. have to

Hey, Dad! _____ you give me a lift to the gym?

A. Can

B. Must

C. Should

We ____ buy any materials for the arts and crafts class. It’s all provided by the school.

A. need

B. must

C. don’t have to

She hurt her ankle but, luckily, she ____ go to hospital.

A. doesn’t have to

B. might

C. must


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