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Modals for Recommendations Quiz


Which one is the correct?

A. She ought to study.

B. She ought study.

C. She has to ought to study.

You___________park here. It is forbidden.

A. Shouldn’t

B. Had better not

C. Must not

Doctor told me I _______drink more water

A. Ought

B. Need

C. Need to

Whenever you are in a public place you _______ wear your mask.

A. Ought to

B. Can

C. Must

If I want to go on a sailing trip, I should get a __________

A. Vaccination

B. Hiking boots

C. First aid kit

To take a trip to Saona Island,_________________

A. I should get a passport

B. I don’t need a passport

C. I must get a passport

You_________make a reservation at the restaurant before you go.

A. Should

B. Must

C. Have to

Ought to is a modal used for:

A. Neccesity

B. Suggestions

C. Obligation

I study english at english inmersion program so I __________ pay anything.

A. Need to

B. Should

C. Don’t have to

Had better is used for:

A. Obligation

B. Strong advice

C. Lack of neccesity

What sentence is correct?

A. You must visit her

B. You must to visit her

C. You must visiting her

She________pay her university on time.

A. Needs to

B. Can

C. Musts

The airport ____________check your luggage before you board the plane

A. Has to

B. Must to

C. Have to

Dominicans ________ a visa to travel to USA.

A. Must have

B. Have to

C. Had better

You look sick. You _________ see a doctor.

A. Would better

B. Had better

C. Should to

I think she _________ go to the beach because she has the flu.

A. Had better not

B. Should

C. Could

________ pack too many clothes.

A. Shouldn’t

B. Don’t

C. Not to

Shouldn’t is used for:

A. Mandatory situations

B. Necessary actions

C. Not advisable situations


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