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Modals for Recommendations Quiz


I study english at english inmersion program so I __________ pay anything.

A. Need to

B. Should

C. Don’t have to

What sentence is correct?

A. You must visit her

B. You must to visit her

C. You must visiting her

Had better is used for:

A. Obligation

B. Strong advice

C. Lack of neccesity

Shouldn’t is used for:

A. Mandatory situations

B. Necessary actions

C. Not advisable situations

She________pay her university on time.

A. Needs to

B. Can

C. Musts

You look sick. You _________ see a doctor.

A. Would better

B. Had better

C. Should to

Whenever you are in a public place you _______ wear your mask.

A. Ought to

B. Can

C. Must

Which one is the correct?

A. She ought to study.

B. She ought study.

C. She has to ought to study.

________ pack too many clothes.

A. Shouldn’t

B. Don’t

C. Not to

You_________make a reservation at the restaurant before you go.

A. Should

B. Must

C. Have to

Dominicans ________ a visa to travel to USA.

A. Must have

B. Have to

C. Had better

Doctor told me I _______drink more water

A. Ought

B. Need

C. Need to

You___________park here. It is forbidden.

A. Shouldn’t

B. Had better not

C. Must not

I think she _________ go to the beach because she has the flu.

A. Had better not

B. Should

C. Could

Ought to is a modal used for:

A. Neccesity

B. Suggestions

C. Obligation

If I want to go on a sailing trip, I should get a __________

A. Vaccination

B. Hiking boots

C. First aid kit

To take a trip to Saona Island,_________________

A. I should get a passport

B. I don’t need a passport

C. I must get a passport

The airport ____________check your luggage before you board the plane

A. Has to

B. Must to

C. Have to


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