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Modals: Possibility, Necessity, Expectation Quiz


People are suppose to take off their shoes when they come in the house.

A. ok

B. not ok

Students are not supposed to close their doors during study hall.


B. Not OK

The students are probably finished. = They __________ be finished.

A. may

B. must

C. couldn’t

D. are supposed to

He ___________ have a high score in geography! He doesn’t even know where Japan​ is on a map!

A. couldn’t

B. might not

C. should

D. has to

Students must to sign in on weekends.


B. Not OK

It is necessary for me to go to bed early tonight. = I ________ go to bed early tonight.

A. must

B. may

C. has to

D. have got to

We are ___________ in class 5 days per week.

A. have to

B. supposed to be

C. should be

D. must

I expect that she will be a good skier because she took 3 years of lessons. She ____  be a good skier.

A. should

B. has to

C. might

D. could

I am so happy because we ______ wake up early tomorrow. It is S period!!

A. don’t have to

B. must not

C. can’t

D. supposed to

The news is supposed to be a secret. Which sentence below has the same meaning?

A. The news might be a secret.

B. The news must be a secret.

C. The news is a secret.

D. The news should be a secret.

He _____________ speak Spanish very well. He lived in Mexico for 20 years!_ ​

A. a must

B. might

C. couldn’t

D. maybe

You ​___________ have your mobile phone switched ON during class. If you do, you will fail.

A. must not

B. don’t have to

C. couldn’t

D. may not

I’m sorry but I can’t meet you later tonight. I ________ watch a video for class.

A. must

B. have got

C. have to

D. could

I’m not really sure if he likes me. He ________ like me.

A. should

B. is supposed to

C. may

D. maybe

I expect this movie to be finished. = This movie….be finished.

A. might

B. has to

C. is supposed to

D. must


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