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Modals - Reported Speech - Conditionals Quiz


If we mix yellow and blue, we___________________

A. will obtain color orange

B. gets color purple

C. get color purple

D. get color green.

A: My dog was lost but then a person brought us in good conditions.

B: _____________________________

A. It might have been sad.

B. It should had been fine.

C. It could have been in a shelter.

D. It may have been happy.

I´m going to confiscated your snacks.

A. You may not have eaten a lot of them.

B. You would have eaten a lot of them.

C. You shouldn´t have eaten a lot of them.

D. You might not have eaten a lot of them.

If the flight was son long, I _____________ more and rest.

A. would have slept

B. would sleep

C. sleep

D. will sleep

I told to my boss about the fight between Jack and Rick and now I am in trouble.

A. You may have run

B. You might have say sorry.

C. You shouldn´t have been gossip.

D. You could have been quiet

Despite yesterday’s snowfalls, we ________ home in less than an hour

A. could drive

B. can drive

C. were able to drive

D. are able to drive

If I had helped a stranger, He _______________ me hurt.

A. wouldn´t have made

B. would have made

C. would have give

D. will make

A: I couldn´t find my homework

A. you should have been more organized.

B. You could do it again

C. You might have delivered later

D. You may have said a lie.

If you _________ your homework, you __________ .

A. do / will played

B. do / can play

C. did / can play

D. had done / would play

If I came to the party, I _____________

A. will feel bored

B. would felt bored

C. would have felt bored

D. would feel bored

If Marcelo don´t call me, I_______________________

A. feels angry

B. woud have been angry

C. would been angry

D. will be angry

‘I’m seeing Dr. Evans next week.’

‘That ____ be right. He’s on holiday then.’

A. mustn’t

B. can’t

C. hasn’t to

D. hasn’t got to

If I had known that I wouldn´t have see you again, We _________________

A. would take photos.

B. will take a selfie together.

C. would have taken a selfie together.

D. would taken a selfie together.

Walking under a ladder ______ be unlucky.

A. is suppose to

B. should

C. ought to

D. is supposed to

What would you have done If you had been angry?

A. I would listen music

B. I will listen music

C. I would had listened music.

D. I would have listened music

If two bears get on in a swing , definitely they ___________

A. Will Fall

B. would fall

C. would have fallen

D. would be scary.

The laptop that I bought is broken

A. you may have done anything

B. you might have cried

C. you could have bought other

D. You should have called to the shop

____ me to get you some water?

A. Would you like

B. Should you like

C. Shall you like

D. Will you like

I always cry If __________________

A. I fall a exam

B. I fell the exam

C. I fail a exam

D. will fail the exam

The last month I had eaten a lot of donuts therefore I got sick.

A. You might have rested

B. You may have eaten lettuce

C. You should have eaten just one.

D. You could have save money if you hadn´t bought them.

It’s the third time she’s been skating this week. She ____ really enjoy it.

A. must

B. should

C. ought to

D. had better

It had been raining and my best friend´s wedding was going to start

A. He could have gone before starting to rain.

B. he might have taken an umbrella and walked.

C. He may have get a taxi.

D. He shouldn´t go.

I went to a party and I was sat and bored.

A. You shouldn´t have danced with teddy.

B. You might have slept on the table.

C. You could have danced with Teddy.

D. You may have eaten more cake.

She swam strongly and ____ cross the river easily, even though it was swollen by the heavy rain.

A. can

B. was able to

C. could

D. is able to

I ________ you If you _________ me.

A. love / love

B. love /would love

C. loved/would love

D. had loved/ would have loved


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