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Modals - Reported Speech - Conditionals Quiz


I always cry If __________________

A. I fall a exam

B. I fell the exam

C. I fail a exam

D. will fail the exam

It had been raining and my best friend´s wedding was going to start

A. He could have gone before starting to rain.

B. he might have taken an umbrella and walked.

C. He may have get a taxi.

D. He shouldn´t go.

The last month I had fallen out of bed.

A. You shouldn´t have slept

B. You could have slept in the middle of the bed.

C. You may not have known that this would happen

D. You might have slept on the floor

If Marcelo don´t call me, I_______________________

A. feels angry

B. woud have been angry

C. would been angry

D. will be angry

A: I couldn´t find my homework

A. you should have been more organized.

B. You could do it again

C. You might have delivered later

D. You may have said a lie.

If I had helped a stranger, He _______________ me hurt.

A. wouldn´t have made

B. would have made

C. would have give

D. will make

The last month I had eaten a lot of donuts therefore I got sick.

A. You might have rested

B. You may have eaten lettuce

C. You should have eaten just one.

D. You could have save money if you hadn´t bought them.

I´m going to confiscated your snacks.

A. You may not have eaten a lot of them.

B. You would have eaten a lot of them.

C. You shouldn´t have eaten a lot of them.

D. You might not have eaten a lot of them.

I went to a party and I was sat and bored.

A. You shouldn´t have danced with teddy.

B. You might have slept on the table.

C. You could have danced with Teddy.

D. You may have eaten more cake.

The laptop that I bought is broken

A. you may have done anything

B. you might have cried

C. you could have bought other

D. You should have called to the shop

‘I’m seeing Dr. Evans next week.’

‘That ____ be right. He’s on holiday then.’

A. mustn’t

B. can’t

C. hasn’t to

D. hasn’t got to

She swam strongly and ____ cross the river easily, even though it was swollen by the heavy rain.

A. can

B. was able to

C. could

D. is able to

What would you do if you saw the teacher sleeping in the class?

A. I would have taken a picture.

B. I would tell the coordinator.

C. I will be quiet

D. I would told the coordinator.

____ me to get you some water?

A. Would you like

B. Should you like

C. Shall you like

D. Will you like

If the flight was son long, I _____________ more and rest.

A. would have slept

B. would sleep

C. sleep

D. will sleep

Walking under a ladder ______ be unlucky.

A. is suppose to

B. should

C. ought to

D. is supposed to

If I had known that I wouldn´t have see you again, We _________________

A. would take photos.

B. will take a selfie together.

C. would have taken a selfie together.

D. would taken a selfie together.

If you had been friendly, You __________________ more friends.

A. would had have

B. would have had

C. will have

D. have

It’s the third time she’s been skating this week. She ____ really enjoy it.

A. must

B. should

C. ought to

D. had better

What would you have done If you had been angry?

A. I would listen music

B. I will listen music

C. I would had listened music.

D. I would have listened music

Despite yesterday’s snowfalls, we ________ home in less than an hour

A. could drive

B. can drive

C. were able to drive

D. are able to drive

I told to my boss about the fight between Jack and Rick and now I am in trouble.

A. You may have run

B. You might have say sorry.

C. You shouldn´t have been gossip.

D. You could have been quiet

If we mix yellow and blue, we___________________

A. will obtain color orange

B. gets color purple

C. get color purple

D. get color green.

If two bears get on in a swing , definitely they ___________

A. Will Fall

B. would fall

C. would have fallen

D. would be scary.

If I came to the party, I _____________

A. will feel bored

B. would felt bored

C. would have felt bored

D. would feel bored


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