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Modal Verbs Quiz


____________ you lend me your pen, please?

A. May

B. Can

C. Shall

D. Can’t

_________ I bring an umbrella because it may rain?

A. Should

B. Have to

Drivers ……. stop when the traffic lights are red.

A. could

B. may

C. must

D. should

Tom ________ finish the report as soon as possible. He needs it for the meeting

A. is supposed to

B. is allowed to

C. isn’t permitted to

D. doesn’t have to

I’m almost sure. She________ stole my money.

A. may have stolen

B. may steal

C. must have stolen

D. could have stolen

Ingrid __________ play the violin when she was six.

A. would

B. could

C. had to

D. might

I fell in front of a crowd of people. What an _____ situation!

A. embarrassed

B. embarrassing

“He couldn’t speak fluent English”.

The modal verb in the sentence is referring to ___________.

A. Ability

B. Possibility

C. Obligation

D. Advice

You (go) to the doctor if you feel unwell.

A. must

B. should

C. have to

D. mustn’t

The heating’s been on all day so there ________ plenty of hot water for your bath.

A. could be

B. should be

C. can’t be

You ………… hand in your essay on Thursday morning.

A. need

B. must

C. ought

He … through this window – it’s too small.

A. couldn’t have escaped

B. mustn’t have escaped

C. shouldn’t have escaped

D. mightn’t have escaped

John is an ______________ person.

A. interested

B. interesting

We … play computer games later. (maybe)

A. will

B. won’t

C. might

D. might not

You _____ drive faster than 50 kilometres per hour on this road.

A. couldn’t

B. needn’t

C. don’t have to

D. mustn’t

I ______ pick up (đón về nhà) my children. It’s my duty (trách nhiệm).

A. ought to

B. could

C. should

D. will

A : …………….you join us for a coffee?

B : Yes, of course.

A. May

B. Will

C. Would

D. Should

You ______ be exhausted after your long trip. Come in and take a seat.

A. must

B. can

C. may

I ______ speak Hindi, English and Spanish.

A. May be

B. Can

C. Should

D. Must

There’s a lift in the building, so we _______ climb the stairs.

A. have to

B. must

C. don’t have to

D. mustn’t

Careful! It ____ be a good idea to wake up a sleeping dog.

A. might

B. might not

They … shop for food because the supermarket is closed.

A. can

B. can’t

C. should

I __________ go to the football match but I don’t know yet.

A. will

B. ought to

C. have to

D. might

What modal verb is used to emphasize the importance of giving meetings full attention?

A. can’t

B. should

C. would

D. may

You … to get a better jacket when you go shopping tomorrow if you plan to go skiing.

A. must

B. had

C. will have

D. don’t need


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