Grammar Quiz

Noun Quiz


There are … people waiting outside the theater.

A. many

B. much

How … sugar did you buy at the supermarket?

A. many

B. much

My mother likes …. apple.

A. is

B. an

C. a

Which noun is countable noun?

A. water

B. water melon

C. sugar

there is …

A. children

B. tomatoes

C. air

D. women

there is …

A. some drink

B. some students

C. some teachers

D. some cars

There is …

A. 3 cats

B. five trees

C. a lot of students

D. a cat

Choose the countable noun…

A. music

B. student

C. food

D. sugar

There …. four balls.

A. is

B. am

C. are

Pencil, book, and eraser are …. noun.

A. countable

B. uncountable

C. fruit

How _______ apples did you buy yesterday?

A. many

B. much

C. some

D. any

choose the uncountable noun

A. rice

B. team

C. group

D. teacher

There are …..

A. a cow

B. three tigers

C. some fruit

D. some water

Choose the uncountable noun…

A. mango

B. tree

C. tomato

D. milk

There are …

A. some dogs

B. a dog

C. some light

D. some creativity

There are …

A. a girl

B. a girls

C. some girls

D. some girl

I want to buy a new sports car, but I only have … money.

A. a few

B. a little

Do you usually drink very … coffee in the morning?

A. many 

B. much

There … many stones inside the river.

A. are

B. an

C. is

Choose the countable noun…

A. Air

B. English

C. school

D. water

I have …. pen.

A. two

B. an

C. a

There …. a cat on the road.

A. is

B. are

C. am

How … times did the phone ring before you answered it?

A. many

B. much

She plays sand. The word sand is ….. noun.

A. uncountable

B. countable

C. single

How ________ water do I need to have the experiment?

A. many

B. much

C. any 

D. some


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