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Noun and Pronoun Quiz


Dina is a girl, ….. likes to play a doll

A. he

B. her

C. she

D. it

….. friends are so smart, I like them so much

A. I

B. my

C. me

D. mine

My life is so beautiful, ….. is so interesting life

A. they

B. his

C. it

D. her

I have no idea their names or their…..

A. Anddress

B. Addresses

C. Addreses

D. Adresses

Diana is so beautiful, ….. likes to make up

A. he

B. she

C. her

D. his

….. is the place for students to study

A. Library

B. Classroom

C. Teacher’s office

D. School canteen

The police officer catched three …..

A. Thief

B. Thievs

C. Thiefs

D. Thieves

My book is so expensive, ….. need much money

A. their

B. our

C. its

D. your

I like a doll, ….. is very cute

A. she

B. they

C. it

D. he

Will you go with me to the ….. to watch s movie ?

A. Stadium

B. Cinema

C. Hospital

D. Theater

My apple tree has many …..

A. Leaf

B. Leaves

C. Leafs

D. Leavs

I am so proud with ….., she is so kind with me

A. him

B. her

C. their

D. our

They like to eat an apple, and so do …..

A. me

B. I

C. her

D. him

For the experiment in the laboratory, we are asked to bring two …..

A. Froges

B. Frog

C. Frogs

D. Frogues

We need many ….. to make french fries

A. Potatoes

B. Potatos

C. Potato

D. Potatoe

We buy a book in a …..

A. Supermarket

B. Fruitstall

C. Bookstore

D. Music studio

Before entering someone’s house, we must ….. on the door.

A. Cry

B. Scream

C. Hit

D. Knock

I love my house, ….. window is very big

A. their

B. her

C. his

D. its

Tiara was sleepy, ….. needs to sleep

A. her

B. his

C. him

D. she

My little cousin broke three ….. in my grandmother’s house

A. Vase

B. Vas

C. Vass

D. Vases


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