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Find the prepositional complement in “Because of the lengthy delay, we missed our flight”.

A. The lengthy delay

B. Of the lengthy delay

C. Our flight

D. Because of the lengthy delay

What is the function of the noun phrase in this sentence: “He bought his mother a beautiful flower”

A. Direct object

B. Subject

C. Indirect object

D. Predicate nominative

Which is the pre-modifier of this noun phrase: “An emotional picture”

A. An emotional

B. Emotional

C. Emotional picture

D. Picture

What is the function of adverb?

A. Indicates who it is about or who or what performs the action

B. Shows the relation of time, manner,…

C. Gives more details to the subject

D. Shows who or what receives the action

Which is the noun phrase that functions as a possessive modifier: “My neighbor’s dog is destroying my flowers right this instant”?

A. My neighbor

B. My neighbor’s dog

C. My flower

D. Right this instant

A noun phrase functioning as a predicate nominative gives more information to the direct object



How many noun phrases are there in this sentence? “The angry principal demanded complete silence.”

A. one

B. two

C. three

D. four

What can a post-modifier be?

A. Adjective phrase, Relative clause

B. Nonfinite clause, Quantifier

C. Prepositional phrase, Relative clause

D. Noun, Nonfinite clause

What is the function of noun phrase in this sentence: “The salesman sold the company suffering from the scandal new computers”?

A. Direct object

B. Indirect object

C. Object complement

D. Subject complement

Where can the determiner in this noun phrase be classified in: “Three smart phones”

A. Pre DET

B. Central DET

C. Post DET

What is the function of the noun phrase in this sentence: “I met a beautiful girl yesterday morning”.

A. prepositional complement

B. direct object

C. possessive modifier

D. adverb

What is the function of the noun phrase in this sentence: “She has been a good English teacher”

A. Direct object

B. Indirect object

C. Subject complement

D. Adverb

How many functions can a noun phrase have?

A. seven

B. eight

C. nine

D. ten

Find the direct object in “My professor recommended an extremely captivating book”.

A. My professor

B. Book

C. Extremely captivating book

D. An extremely captivating book

What are the formulas for noun phrase in the right order?

A. Determiner+Head+Post-modifier

B. Pre-modifier+Determiner+Head

C. Determiner+Head+Pre-modifier+Post-modifier

D. Determiner+Pre-modifier+Head+Post-modifier

What can a pre-modifier be?

A. Verb infinitive

B. Participle

C. Demonstrative pronoun

D. Relative clause

Which of these is a noun phrase in the sentence: “The girl wearing skirt is Sarah”

A. The girl

B. The girl wearing skirt

C. Wearing skirt

D. Sarah

Find the subject-complement in “Our favorite pets are dogs with short hair”

A. Our favorite pets

B. Dogs

C. Dogs with short hair

D. Short hair

How many determiners are there in this sentence: “To celebrate this continued success, we have curated a free collection”

A. one

B. two

C. three

D. four

Which is the HEAD in the phrase: “My favorite store in front of the mall in the main street”.

A. favorite store

B. the mall in the main street

C. store

D. my favorite store


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